Shopping Niche Fashion Brands Is My Thing—25 Items That Bring a Cool Factor



By now it's pretty obvious that I like to shop, but what may not be so apparent is my affinity for under-the-radar, niche brands. There's a time and place for tried-and-true staples, but sometimes you need a bit of the unexpected to break up the monotony of the same old shirt-and-jeans combo. That's where what I like to call "funky fashion" pieces come in, and usually, emerging brands are the ones that create statement-making pieces best: Take Marshall Columbia's unique stretchy cutout top or Tyler McGillivary's swirly neckline vest. 

Finding up-and-coming designers to support is probably one of the most rewarding parts of my job, as I love the element of surprise of coming across a piece that hasn't yet made it big—it feels like a secret only for me. But of course, as a fashion editor, I can't keep something this good to myself, so I'm passing along my list of niche fashion items that really bring a cool factor. From whimsical pearl jewelry to revealing cutouts, these items are far from the expected. Keeping reading ahead to check all of them out.

I'm not a watch person by any means, but this one completely changed my mind. It has that expensive, heritage-watch look while being pretty affordable.

This mustard yellow is so on point for fall.

We still have a few more months of sunny, warm weather in L.A., so I plan on wearing this dress to help me carry through.

The neckline on this top is next-level.

A simple yet sultry dress like this can go a long way.

This bold red bangle is such a statement maker.

How many corsets are too many? I believe you can never have enough.

This winter, I plan on being as cozy as humanly possible. 

A bit on the controversial side, but it's hard to ignore how striking this is.

I found the perfect going-out top for all of your pairs of jeans.

Wearing this top makes every day feel like a fancy party.

It's impossible to take your eyes off these.

I've been a fan of J.Kim since earlier this year, and the designer has finally landed at Ssense.

These aren't just any jeans; they're cool jeans.

A trick to make your sweaters feel fresh—accessorize them with cool necklaces.

Use these cool rings to amp up a manicure.

The beauty of this top is that you can wear it over a bralette for an elevated night-out look or layered over a long-sleeve tee for extra oomph.

As someone who's perpetually cold, I am excited about these slippers.

Halter-neck tops are back (and edgier than ever).

If you love quirky cutouts, Marshall Columbia is a brand to know.

Around this time of year, all I want to wear are chic midi dresses.

In my book, the higher the waist, the better.

Now I'm very tempted to get the matching pants.

As classic as this black one-piece looks, you can switch out the straps for beaded and jeweled versions to switch things up.