The Nice-Top-and-Jeans Combination Everyone's Wearing on Instagram

nice top-and-jeans combination is the quintessential going-out outfit formula for many women. Are you really a millennial if you don't own at least five party tops that mix and match with your favorite jeans? I think not. Well, it's time to store away your plunging necklines and sheer fabrics, because this combo has had a thoroughly fashionable upgrade this season thanks to Instagram's finest.

When I say "bustier top," you'll probably think of the über-sexy styles of the '90s, typically worn by girl bands, but this season, the trend has returned with a very different aesthetic. Worn with mid-wash, straight-leg jeans, the bustier top is now the going out top of choice for the fashion crowd. It might be more refined than its '90s counterparts, but it still provides plenty of personality. From Linda Tol's luxe velvet look to Maxim Magnus's asymmetric, disco-ball number, these party tops just wanna have fun. Scroll down to see and shop our favorite bustier-and-jeans outfits.