7 Summer Wardrobe Staples NY Girls Never Forget to Buy

Summer in New York City is one of a kind. Alfresco dining, park picnics, and long evening strolls are all common, and the sidewalks are filled with tourists and locals alike dressed in their favorite warm-weather pieces. The not-so-glamorous side of Manhattan summers, however, is the extreme heat and humidity. Sure, we'll take it over a snowstorm any day, but if you're braving an 85-degree day, your wardrobe should reflect it. You probably know all the basics by now: Choose breathable fabrics like cotton and linen, avoid black unless you want to get heat stroke, and always wear sunscreen. However, if you're curious to know which items specifically bode especially well in the city then continue ahead to see seven standout pieces NYC girls never forget to buy once summer rolls around.

White Cotton Dress


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A breathable, airy white dress is a summer style companion that should always be in your rotation, no matter where you live. 

Breezy Bottoms


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Once temperatures spike in the city, even a pair of blue jeans can feel stifling. Instead, reach for a pair of breathable, relaxed slacks that you can wear with an easy top and sandals.

Easy Tee


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An easy tee is a must if you're living in New York City. Thankfully, it can be dressed up or down as needed, and subtle or statement as you desire (we're so feeling a tie-dye version right now).

City Sandals


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If you live in Manhattan, you're unfortunately aware of how dirty the streets and subways can be, which means if you're sliding into sandals, they better be resistant to aforementioned grime. Thankfully, the sport sandals trend is alive and well and works perfectly for city summers.

Breathable Workout Set


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A summer workout wardrobe should consist of ultra-breathable separates that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout your sweat session.

Commuter Sneakers


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Whether paired with city shorts or a vibrant summer dress, commuter sneakers are a must-have in every NYC girl's summer wardrobe.

Straw Bag


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Ditch your leather tote for a minute; grab a straw bag instead. It's festive but can still hold all your necessities.

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