These Affordable Items Are Really Capturing the Vibe in New York Right Now


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I love when I start spotting an outfit formula in the wild, and NYC certainly has one it's loving this season. From SoHo to Brooklyn to the Upper East Side, the fashion crowd seems to have truly united in this easy winter uniform, present company included, and chic New Yorkers are wearing it on repeat as they brave the cold. If push came to shove, it could effortlessly lend itself to being just polished enough for a casual Friday at the office, cool and low-key enough for a Saturday lunch date followed by a trip to Trader Joe's, or cozy and comfortable enough for a Sunday morning dog walk to grab a pastry from Raf's—without breaking a sweat.

It's highly likely you already have many of these pieces on high rotation in your wardrobe, in which case I encourage you to throw them all together and join the gang. If not, feel free to delight in these rather affordable options. Bags are all under $90, denim is under $100, coats (long coats!) are under $140, and that's only half of it.

Cozy Knit Hats

I love a beanie, and there seem to be so many good options this season, from elevated knit styles with quiet luxury energy to pom-pommed injections of personality in very chic colorways. Given my tendency to accidentally leave them in the backs of Ubers, I've only curated options that are under $50.

Sunny Sweaters

Maybe it's to counter the drab gray of the city in the winter, but I've been noticing lots of happy, lemony hues when it comes to knitwear. Slightly oversize styles feel relaxed and double nicely as a chunky scarf or a cozy layer to drape over the shoulders of your coat, as the cool kids are doing.

Structured Black Bags

Never be sorry about investing in a black bag you love and wearing it constantly. These structured shoulder and crossbody bags are making low-key looks feel polished all over town.

Metallic Flats

Metallic accessories continue to be super buzzy, and as we definitely know by now, flat shoes are truly the moment. A little pop of silver or gold below the ankle is definitely what's giving these effortless outfits a cool-kid edge.

Wide-Leg Denim

As much as I know the pendulum will swing back at some point, I'm trying to imagine a world where I go back to wearing something other than wide-leg jeans, and it's truly a struggle. Whether it's a dark wash or distressed style, I love the look of relaxed denim and flats under a big, polished coat.

Cool Coats

Speaking of polished coats, these just might be the five best value options on the internet right now. The best ones (in my humble opinion) are longline coats that fall below the knee, with a nice little drop to the shoulder for that menswear-inspired vibe.

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