The 15 Best Mani Ideas That Will Still Be Chic Well Into 2021

No pressure, but your last manicure of 2020 will likely follow you into the New Year. Not only will this manicure be the cherry on top of the chic New Year's Eve ensemble, but it's the one piece of your beauty expression that will remain in place when you wake up in 2021. If that notion sent a tiny chill down your spine, then you're a beauty lover after our own hearts. Not that nails are the most pressing matter on the collective consciousness right now, but we can appreciate someone who wants to enter the New Year with clear eyes, a full heart, and a fresh manicure. 

As the holiday season ramps up, we're getting ready by collecting all the New Year's Eve manicure inspiration we can. Shall we go with a bold and solid color, or perhaps a minimal negative-space design? Decisions, decisions.

Thankfully, there's still a bit of time to choose a creative direction. To get your creative juices flowing, we've rounded up some of our favorite nail looks from this year that will still be right on trend well into next. Scroll away for all the mani inspiration you'll need to execute your best (and final!) nail look of the year. Get ready to screenshot. 

Fire-engine red is a year-round winner.

Year in and year out, black nails are always in style.

Can't commit to just one cozy pastel shade? It's totally acceptable to wear them all!

Kick it old school this new year with a gold French manicure.

If you're not a fan of the classic French, this modern twist might be a better fit.

Negative space and metallics are always a good idea.

This half crimson, half natural look is so modern.

This set gives a whole new meaning to the term nail art. You'll need a steady hand (and maybe some painting experience) to achieve this fine art look at home.

The only thing we love more than astrology memes is an astrology-inspired manicure.

Rose gold nails are the perfect winter accessory.

Match your mani to your glass of New Year's Eve bubbly.

This gradient glitter over a peach base is festive enough for the holidays and subtle enough to still read chic after they're over.

Enter 2021 grounded with gold accents. Good vibes only.

These sweet pearls are the perfect way to jazz up natural nails.

The smoky rose quartz look has been on trend all year, and we don't anticipate a change any time soon.

Up next, the only nail colors that matter this winter.

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