We're Calling It: New Year's Eve Will Be Filled With These Makeup Looks

They say you’re never fully dressed without a smile, but what about makeup? Whether you plan to go all-out or you want to keep it on the low-key side, a festive New Year’s makeup look can make all the difference—even if it’s just a simple swipe of glitter. And as you countdown the final minutes of 2019 before the clock strikes midnight, shimmering lids or a minimalistic monochromatic look just might be the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

Of course, like any type of trend, some makeup styles will be more popular than others on the night of December 31. To help you get an idea of what you’ll be seeing throughout the night (as well as spark some beauty inspiration for your own look), we tapped makeup artists Jessica Elbaum and Molly R. Stern to give expert insight on the matter.

Check out what they’re expecting to see everywhere on New Year’s Eve, and then create your favorite look to wear for the big night.

'90s Vibes


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"Most definitely glitter. The ’90s are back in a big way, and with all of the hype and obsession over the hit show Euphoria, rhinestones on the eyes and glitter are all the rage. There are lots of bold colors used as well. Kosas is one of my go-to lines for eye shadow and lips. Pat McGrath also makes eye shadow fun with her heavily pigmented glitter palettes.”—Elbaum



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"Generous uses of glitter! I think NYE is the perfect place to rock a glitter eye or lip. It’s fun, playful, and why not sparkle into the New Year? I am a big fan of Glossier’s Glitter Geleè in Firewalk and Urban Decay’s Glitter Gel in Dreamland.”—Stern

Luscious Lashes


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"Adding a strip lash or even a few individuals gives the appearance of added glamour while keeping the lips clear and glossy for lots of midnight smooching. I am recently completely dedicated to the Lashify lash system, as you can really add length and volume without looking too theatrical. For just a little punch up, my go-to is Ardell Knot-Free Individual Lashes to just subtly fill in fluff out the lash line.”—Stern

Heavy Metal


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"Try a rich, metallic smoky eye. A more festive take on the classic evening eye, this look delves into more rich tones with an iridescent sheen to catch the light. I love the Tom Ford Eye Quad in Honeymoon or Nars’ Inferno palette.”—Stern

Embellished Euphoria


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"It’s super festive to add on a little extra glimmer or glamour by adding an appliqué of gems or pearls. Easy to apply with a dab of eyelash glue, a few gems on the lid, the brows, or on a beauty mark adds a real element of ‘party.’ Swarovski makes really sparkly crystals and Amazon sells great gems with a sticky back to make matters even simpler.”—Stern

Monochromatic Minimalism


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"This is a wonderful way to simply create a look. I am obsessed with all of the Chanel Palette Essentielles, but I specifically love palette #185 Carmel. The creams in these palettes can be worn on the cheeks, eyes, and lips for an easy monochromatic look.”—Stern

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Dale Arden Chong