5 Style Tips to Make Your New Year's Outfit Memorable


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When you think about New Year's Eve outfits, you might automatically think about sequins and glitter. Well, contrary to popular belief, those aren't the only styling hacks you should follow to create an outfit worthy enough to ring in the New Year. Sure, you can't go wrong with anything sequined, shiny, or metallic (we are suckers for those three things too), but if you're not in a styling pinch, we highly recommend experimenting with styling combination you might (or might not) already use on a daily basis.

From color blocking to really focusing on the details of your outfit, little things can go a long way in any outfit. Whether you chose a statement-sleeve top, decided that your two favorite colors do look great together in the same outfit, or found a cute way of incorporating lace into your outfit or even layering a piece in a cool way, the options are endless.

So you get a visual idea of what else you can wear to your New Year’s Eve party, we’ve broken down five New Year’s Eve style tips you should follow this year, whether you’re going to stay in to celebrate or go all-out with your friends. Whichever the party, with these five style tips, you’ll create an outfit that will outdo all the glitter options you had lined up as your last-minute backup choices—mark our words.

Color Is Your Friend


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Instead of going for the usual metallic colors for your NYE ensemble, remember that color is your friend. Whether you opt for a pastel monochrome outfit or decide to color-block your skirt with your top like in the pic above, know that the more color the better.

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Basic Isn't Boring 


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If you wear flats or sneakers or decide to go down the more casual yet chic route, know that it doesn't mean it has to be "basic." Classics are just that—classics—so you can never go wrong with a blazer and palazzo pants. Simply add your favorite lipstick color and you're good to go.

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Accessorizing Is Key


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No matter what you decide to wear, accessorizing is key. What you have on your feet, neck, and ears is just as important as your clothing. That being said, decide whether you want your boots to be the focal point (like those amazing snakeskin boots above), your micro bag to be just that a statement piece instead of an actual functional accessory, etc. It's up to you!

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It's All in the Details


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This styling tip goes hand in hand with the one we mentioned above. Just like with your accessories, leave it to some of your clothing items to do all the talking. Whether it's statement sleeves or standout shoes, focus on a few key details that will make your outfit pop, rather than going for an allover disco-ball look.

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Layers, Layers, Layers


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Whether you're celebrating New Year's in cold weather or not, layering is key to achieving a cool outside-the-box outfit. Whether it's a dress over pants or a gown over an asymmetrical top, have fun with how you put together your outfits.

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