I Didn't Think I Needed New Spring Tops, and Then I Saw These Chic New Styles


(Image credit: @sasha.mei)

Do you ever go with your friend to help them shop with no intention of purchasing anything yourself, and then you, the person who wasn't even thinking about shopping in the first place, end up being the only one to buy something? It's whenever I don't expect to shop that I end up with my arms full of shopping bags. 

I didn't plan on updating my closet this spring. I should've known right then that I was in trouble because I keep stumbling upon the most irresistible styles this season. Clearly, this is a cycle for me. But I'm switching the narrative from, "I have no self-control when it comes to cute clothes" to "the universe doesn't want me to miss out on all the fabulous tops for spring."

From bright hues that pop against the season's go-to light-wash denim to crisp button-downs for a polished yet casual look, these chic new styles are the wardrobe refresh I didn't know I needed. But trust—I do (and you do, too). This spring, plan on seeing corset, asymmetrical, and wrap tops everywhere, along with cool T-shirts and cropped knits. Below, shop the stylish new tops I can't get enough of for spring. 

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