She's in Shock! 41 New Reformation Finds That Put Me in a Genuine Trance

New Reformation Finds


@helenacuesta; PICTURED: Reformation Porsha Velvet Top ($148)

Given how much time I spend looking through clothes every day for work, I've built up a tolerance of sorts to the awe of it all. There was a time in my life when I couldn't possibly have stared at beautiful things all day everyday without feeling called to indulge. But these days, my shopping guard is strong, and only on rare occasions do I stumble across items that feel really and truly too good to pass up. This is one such case. 

You see, Reformation has never really been a brand that feels like me. I always associated it with linen separates and sundresses, and since I've never been felt comfortable in that feminine, cottagecore-adjacent aesthetic, I naturally didn't set aside a ton of attention for the brand. But in recent years, I've noticed a hard shift in Reformation's merchandise. And after scouring its most recent arrivals for spring, I'm throwing my hands up in defeat and admitting that I was wrong about the brand. Finally, I get what all the hype's about—I've been converted. 

Scrolling through its spring offering, I had genuine feelings of shock and awe as I grasped just how chic the items I was looking at were, especially given the mid-level price range. But there's no need to simply take my word for it. From designer-quality footwear to dresses I'd literally get married in, see all 40 of the new Reformation items that altered my brain chemistry during my latest digital perusal. 

I've been seeing skinny scarves everywhere lately, though not styled in the way you might think. As opposed to taking us way back to the '70s, today's skinny scarves are extremely elegant and sophisticated, oftentimes attached to a simple blouse or top and designed to be tossed casually over the shoulders. 

When I tell you that my jaw dropped upon scrolling past these tangerine-colored, sculptural slingbacks, I'm not exaggerating in the slightest. 

This silver silk tank is so '90s it hurts. If I close my eyes, I can practically see Kate Moss wearing it. 

I'm low-key obsessed with wearing long denim skirts, items that just a few years ago I avoided entirely. They're just so versatile I can't help but love them. 

If it's bright red in 2023, I want it, especially when it's bright red and looks like this. 

Anything that's black-and-white is going to be chic, but the detail work on this knit top makes it especially so. I really love the peekaboo quality of the white straps against the black bodice. 

I never thought I'd be considering adding zebra stripes to my wardrobe—I'm a strict neutrals person—but after spotting this cowl-neck minidress, I'm starting to think my initial mindset about the print was way off. 

I was never a huge flats person until this season, when suddenly, I want all the flats I see. I love the studded details on this pair especially, as well as the Mary Jane strap.

Anything remotely similar to Kate Moss's iconic silver slip dress is going to win my vote. This take is especially alluring because of its high neck and extra-low back.

Simple, sexy, and wearable with just about anything, this chocolate-brown number is everything you could possibly ask for. 

Rosette details are ubiquitous these days on red carpets, runways, and more. Luckily, there are plenty of worthy options on the market, including this black halter top with a wraparound neck detail. 

This is the sort of trusty dress you have in your closet for every sort of emergency. Any time you get a last-minute party invite or have five minutes to get ready for a dinner, this is the frock you'll put on, and every time, it'll look impeccable. 

Sheer dresses might seem intimidating, but once you embrace them, I promise you'll never want to stop wearing them. This one's giving serious Saint Laurent vibes in all the best ways, making it all the more buy-worthy.

The best thing about wedges, apart from their interesting silhouette of course, is how comfortable they are. Unlike stilettos, wedges give you a nice, even base to walk around for hours in. 

There's a reason wrap dresses have been beloved ever since Diane von Furstenberg reinvented the style in the 1970s to mass acclaim. 

This strapless, jacquard-print top has been sent in so many Slack messages over the last two weeks it deserves its own channel page. 

I don't know about all of you, but sourcing a good pair of jeans has always been a near-impossible task for me. There's always one little detail missing that I can't seem to ignore. This brand-new pair of high-rise, slouchy jeans from Reformation, however, is reinstating some hope in me that perfect jeans actually do exist. 

If you already own a pair (or multiple pairs) of black loafers, this shiny, white style should be your next buy. At least, that's how I'm justifying the purchase. 

If easy's your thing, this dress was made for you. Fortunately for me, I'm one of those people, so yes, I'm in love with this simple, everyday mini. 

Veda's long-standing leatherwear collaboration with Reformation is a match made in heaven. The leather brand was founded in NYC, where designer Lyndsey Butler designs and manufactures everything at her studio and factory. 

Velvet's experiencing a return to glamour of late, especially after it was spotted on countless runways throughout fashion month, including Sportmax, Gucci, Fendi, and Loewe.

If I didn't know better, I'd think these metallic-silver kitten heels were missing an extra digit on the price tag. 

Is this or is this not the most beautiful slip dress you've ever seen? The contrasting fabrics and body-hugging silhouette combine to create something truly awe-worthy.

There's a very specific outfit from Clueless that immediately came to mind when I saw this sheer, white blouse, and if you don't know the exact one, it's about time you rewatch the epic '90s flick. 

Not going to lie, I'd get married in this dress in a hot second. The bodice detailing, the column skirt, the heavy satin—everything about it screams "Get hitched in me." Plus, for $278, think of how much more I can now spend on the honeymoon. 

Elegant and sophisticated yet flirty and youthful, this dress really does check off every box. I'm already imagining it paired with brown, sheer tights, some kitten heels, and a really good pair of statement earrings for a night out. 

If you, like me, have been scouring the internet for that perfect pair of '90s-inspired point-toe, knee-high boots to add into your regular shoe rotation, you can quit now. I've found them, and yes, I'm willing to share. 

When I saw this dress at Reformation, I was genuinely shocked, as it looks like something I'd spot at Bergdorf Goodman for at least $1000. I really don't know why more people aren't talking about it—this dress is a steal. 

The only thing more elevated and luxe than the buttery-soft cowl neck on this silk blouse is the subtle leather buckle that acts as a halter neck. 

As much as it might give you flashbacks to your Hot Topic days back in 2008, studs are back, and this time around, they've gotten a makeover. From Khaite to Alaïa to Prada, everyone's making studs happen in 2023. Get in on the trend early without getting too invested with this pair of black, slouchy, studded jeans from Reformation. 

Suiting isn't what it used to be. These days, the coolest tailored looks aren't quite so safe for work. Case in point: this cropped blazer and micro miniskirt that's best kept for the hours outside of your 9-to-5. 

Satin ballet flats were all over the streets during fashion month, but if you're not yet ready to splurge on a pair from Miu Miu, this slightly more affordable dusty-rose style from Reformation is a great alternative. 

My favorite thing about slip dresses like this one is how versatile they are. If you're all dressed out, put a rib knit or corset top on over, and like magic, it's transformed into a skirt. 

I've seen a lot of blazers in my day, and this just-oversize-enough style from Reformation is one of the best.

Styling hack: If you have a rib-knit tube top like this one and have worn it solo one too many times, try layering it on top of a button-down shirt

Wow is the first and only word that came to mind when I stumbled upon this hot-pink silk dress at Reformation. 

This photo doesn't do these mesh-detail heels justice.

You can never have too many little black dresses, especially when they feature a high slit and a low back. Or I don't know, maybe that's just me. 

I didn't know that I wanted a green leather jacket until I saw this one. Now, I'm absolutely positive that I need one (if not more than one). 

Clean up on aisle three: This dress-obsessed shopper left a pool of drool all over the floor. 

If you've found yourself staring into your closet not knowing what shoes to style with whatever you're wearing, it's probably because you don't already own these boots.