These Are the 8 New Legging Brands Everyone's Talking About

The athleisure market is one that has most likely taken your personal wardrobe by storm, specifically leggings, which are considered pants in our book. Whether you wear leggings solely for actual exercise, or you simply prefer the feel of comfortable leggings on your body instead of a pair of jeans, you're going to want to pay attention to this story. It's easy to get stuck in an athleisure wardrobe rut, meaning you continue to only buy product from the brands you know and love. We don't want to discourage you from brand loyalty, but we do want to educate you on a few new legging brands that might end up being your new go-tos. 

As editors, it's our jobs to take note of and support new and exciting brands, and today, we're doing that in the athleisure space. Since leggings, specifically, are heavy hitters in this realm, we're highlighting the brands that do leggings extremely well. Trust us when we say these eight new legging brands are worth not only looking into but actually purchasing. As someone who has worn nearly all of the brands ahead myself, I'd say I'm a pretty trustworthy source. 


Up until now, knitwear was not considered a fabric one would want to work out in, but thanks to Nagnata, that mindset has officially shifted. Nagnata leggings are made from Australian Merino wool that actually keeps you cool versus the common misconception that it would trap in heat. The brand is also committed to sustainability as it constantly strives to minimize its waste of raw materials and limit the usage of synthetics. 

Adam Selman Sport

Adam Selman Sport (also referred to as A.S.S.) is the new athleisure line that was just recently introduced by beloved designer Adam Selman. Selman decided to part ways with his ready-to-wear line to focus solely on A.S.S., and the outcome is better than we expected. Here you can find kitschy prints and details that will take you from the gym to the streets with ease.

Chances are you've probably seen JoyLab in your local Target store, and here at Who What Wear, it's one of our go-to workout brands. The cuts, hues, and materials feel and look like they cost a pretty penny, but the truth is, nothing really costs over $50. The sizing is inclusive, and the messaging is positive. What more could you want from an athleisure brand in 2019? 


Norba was started by two sisters in 2018, and like most legging brands nowadays, it is designed to be worn at the gym and beyond. The brand focuses on making women of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable in their own skin by providing the workout attire to match. 


Founded by Seoul-based designer Carolyn Jang in 2018, Nylora's intention is to fit into the busy life of women seamlessly. Having previously worked with ready-to-wear labels such as Vince, L’Agence, and Kelly Wearstler, Jang knows the intricacies of effortless dressing and designed an athleisure brand to fit right into that mix. 

This legging brand prides itself on being non-restrictive. Vaara was by mother of three Tatiana Korsakova, a designer who constantly keeps in mind the day-to-day comfort of women and all that their lives entail including workouts, motherhood, and more. 

Year of Ours

With an homage to classic American sportswear, Year of Ours designs its athleisure attire with close attention to fit and fabric styles. The leggings are high-waisted, often seen with the brand's signature lace-up front, and come in fresh colorways and materials. 


This Korean leggings brand is one I personally have fallen in love with. When you wear them, it feels like you're wearing nothing at all. The brand's new Aircotton line is made from a combination of the highest-quality natural and synthetic fibers that allow for that second-skin feel.