I've Lost Interest in These 6 Fall Basics, But 6 These Feel Exciting and New

To me, fall is a time of reinvigoration, and one of the areas that I apply that to is my wardrobe. Each season, the first thing that I set out to refresh is my basics collection, and the first step is weeding out the ones that I've stopped wearing to make room for a few new items.

It may seem counterintuitive to say that basics are "in" or "out", but history proves that trend cycles can apply to basics as well, but it's a bit more subtle. You needn't worry about looking passé if your basics aren't particularly of-the-moment. That being said, as a fashion lover, I enjoy keeping my fall basics up-to-date, and I'm here to talk about the ones I'm kind of over, and those I'm actively shopping for. Keep scrolling to shop along with me as I take a deep dive into the best basics trends to buy into for fall and beyond.

Retiring: Corduroy Blazers
Buying: Oversize Single-Breasted Blazers

Oversize blazers have replaced fitted ones, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Something I love about slouchy blazers is that you can layer them over sweaters in the fall (unlike their fitted counterparts).

Best fall basics



Retiring: Sweater-Vests
Buying: Waistcoats

I wouldn't say that sweater-vests are "out," but I don't find them to be all that flattering on me. Waistcoats, on the other hand, make any outfit look chicer, and you can wear them in place of a top or layered over a turtleneck on a chilly day.

Retiring: Ribbed Knit Dresses
Buying: Slip Dresses

Ribbed knit dresses certainly had a moment in recent seasons, but slip dresses are back to steal their thunder. If you want your slip dress to feel especially fresh this fall, take a cue from the runways and pair it with a sweater tied around your waist.

Best fall basics



Retiring: Skinny Jeans
Buying: Baggy Low-Rise Jeans

This one isn't all that surprising, as skinny jeans have been fading for years now. A far fresher style to swap them with this fall is baggy low-rise jeans.

Best fall basics



Retiring: Sweater Sets
Buying: Chunky Knits

Don't get me wrong—I love a sweater set, but they've become oversaturated since becoming a trend several seasons ago. Alternatively, you can't go wrong with a classic chunky knit one. A cool way to utilize a chunky sweater before it gets cold enough to actually wear it is tied around your shoulders or your waist.

Retiring: Flannel Shirts
Buying: Oversize Button-Downs Over White Tank Tops

Flannel shirts are one of those basics that come and go. At the moment, I'm keener on wearing oversize button-downs over white tank tops.