9 New Designer Handbag Brands We're Championing This Year

If I told you that I was in the market for a new designer handbag purchase, what comes to mind first is probably a sea of iconic Gucci, Chanel, and Chloé options. And while each of those household names will always be worthy of the investment, they are exactly that: household names. You can probably rattle off at least three bag styles for each designer and, if you're a real fashion insider, recall the year each came out. But for as much time we devote to those better-known labels, we spend less time highlighting the up-and-coming talent.

So today, we're showing some love to the new designer handbag brands whose pieces might not have earned It status yet but are well on their way thanks to a potent combination: They're backed by key luxury retailers, carried by an important set of fashion girls, and unique in terms of the current bag trends in the market—a tough feat for any new or emerging label. The following brands also happen to speak to the fashion editor in me who's always on the lookout for new talent and unique pieces to add to my closet that I know no one else will have. These nine brands have that special sauce. So go ahead and commit each name to memory as you scroll through this roundup because it won't be long until you'll start to hear more about them.

1. Georgia Jay

With its modern versions of the '90s-inspired shoulder bags trending at the moment, Georgia Jay is poised to be a popular bag brand this year and ahead.

2. Coperni

Coperni new designer bag brands



Coperni is known for its uniquely sculptural shapes that have even sparked a trend we recently dubbed "egg-in-a-hole." But silly names aside, the label has become an overnight sensation and presented its first full runway show in Paris last season. (Spoiler: The clothes are really good, too.)

You're likely familiar with Korean label Reike Nen for its fashion girl–adored footwear, but it's time to get acquainted with its equally stunning selection of handbags. Each one feels unique, like a rare vintage find.

4. Elleme

new designer handbag brands



The name Elleme is derived from the French conjugation “Elle aime,” meaning “she loves” and the Parisian brand meticulously designs its bags with simplicity and timelessness in mind.

5. Hereu

new designer handbag brands Hereu



Inspired by life in the Mediterranean, designers José Luis Bartolomé and Albert Escribano work with local artisans to bring an elevated feel to their craftsmanship.



Refined and minimal is how Studio Amelia describes itself, and between its stunning leather handbags and not-to-be-missed strappy sandals, we couldn't agree more. 

7. S.Joon

new designer bag brands


@jamie_heath; Pictured: @_yanyanchan

The name S.Joon is a combination of founder Sahar Asvandi's first initial and a Persian term of endearment. The handbags come in sculptural shapes, many in timeless croc effect, and are inspired by the designer's love of vintage bags.

8. Chylak



Designer Zofia Chylak got her start in fashion as a design apprentice for Proenza Schouler and later was inspired to create her namesake handbag line. Creating elegant silhouettes that could easily pass as vintage pieces, each Chlyak bag is stamped with its own unique model number, bringing a new meaning to the term one-of-a-kind.

new designer handbag brands to know


Courtesy of Naturae Sacra

If unexpected shapes and materials are what you're searching for in a handbag, Naturae Sacra should be your first stop. Each bag features the brand's signature resin details, whether in the form of a clasp, artful top handle, or adorned crossbody strap. These are truly works of art.