The New Class of Designer Bags (If You Don't Want to Look Like Everyone Else)

Prada, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Gucci—the list of brands that have spent years perfecting and dominating the handbag market goes on and on. While many of us have either owned or dreamt of owning one of these holy-grail designer handbags, they leave you looking just like everyone else. When you're walking down the street carrying that new Prada Sidonie bag, people will eye it and instantly know where it's from, what colors it comes in, and how much it cost you. None of those things is necessarily bad, but there are definitely those of us (including myself) who would much rather carry a handbag brand that is new and unique and won't leave us looking like everyone else.

If that's also you, the list of designer handbags ahead is one you ought to pay close attention to. Some of the 10 handbag brands I have selected ahead are just barely over a year old, while others you might have heard of before. The point here is that these brands are quickly rising up as the new class of designer handbags, creating a category all of their own for fashion girls who desire more than the Chanels and Celines of the world. No, the household handbag brands you know and love aren't being replaced by the brands ahead, but the following are gaining steam in a way that can't be ignored, and today, we're here to celebrate that.

Ratio et Motus

Just over a year ago, New Yorkers Angela Wang and Daniel Li started this brand with the aim of creating classic pieces with a fresh, modern twist. 


Wandler is known for its unique shapes and colorways that are distinct yet somehow extremely wearable. The designer, Elza Wandler, is based in Amsterdam and actually just launched shoes last week.

The Sant

The Sant is a Barcelona-based brand that is just starting to gain steam here in the United States. Everything from the quality of the leather to the stunning hardware and detailing is remarkable. We're predicting the below will become an It bag in no time. 

By Far

Founded by a set of twins and their best friend, By Far has done nothing but impress us since its launch in 2016. The brand already has a cult following for everything from its bags to its shoes, but this year, we have a hunch that the brand's handbags will reach new levels of iconic. 


Inspired by the 1970s, Gu_De's goal is to make people rethink the typical handbag and embrace the new classics that designer Ji Hye Koo puts forth. 

Little Liffner

"Accessible luxury with a playful twist" is how Little Liffner describes its aesthetic, and we couldn't agree more. At first glance, the bags look vintage-inspired, giving them that unique and timeless look. 

Danse Lente

Although this is a London-based brand, Danse Lente actually means "slow dance" in French. Each handbag has a contemporary feel and truly looks like a piece of artwork. Set one of these down in a museum and people might think it's part of the exhibit. 


If unexpected shapes are what you're searching for in a handbag, Mlouye should be your first stop. The creator, Meb Rure, comes from an industrial design background, which explains the creative structures and hues. 


Known for their signature Prima tote, the sister masterminds behind the brand, Camilla and Giulia Venturini, somehow managed to turn this brand into an overnight success. One look at the simplicity and quality will quickly explain why and how that was possible. 


This is one handbag brand that won't go unnoticed when you carry it. Designer Naza Yousefi creates each bag with unparalleled craftsmanship interiors and artifacts.