I Spot Micro-Trends Like It's My Job—These Are the Prettiest Ones Yet

fashion micro-trends



Welcome to Micro-Trends. In this series, I'm zeroing in on the hyper-specific iterations of what's trending at large, and I've become somewhat of an expert at spotting them. (Okay, it's basically a pastime of mine at this point.) Once you discover this month's micro-trends, consider yourself an insider.

Here at Who What Wear, we focus a lot of our energy on the biggest trends of the season, and while we'll never stop covering the heavy hitters, there are several micro-trends worthy of honorary mentions. While these aren't causing major style moves yet, we firmly believe that it's only a matter of time until they graduate from micro to macro or, in other words, from niche to mainstream.

After hours of online shopping (all in the name of research!), I'm sharing the prettiest micro-trends on my radar at the moment. I've double-tapped these pieces when I spotted them in my feed and noticed them stocked at several key retailers, which tells me that each one is on the brink of becoming huge—plus, they're just plain beautiful to look at. From the new print trend that's even more uplifting than tie-dye to the new detail that's defining every It accessory, keep reading for fashion's prettiest micro-trends of the moment.

Watercolor Print

fashion micro-trends: watercolor print



Like the cousin of popular tie-dye, watercolor prints are on the subtler side and involve the prettiest (and most calming) combination of pastel colors. I could look at these beautiful pieces all day, and I know wearing them would be a treat.


fashion micro-trends: ruching



If you lined up all the latest It accessories of the moment, you'd find a common thread that linked them all: ruching. From bags to shoes to headbands and even a few 2000s-inspired clothing items, ruching is the micro-trend that's most poised to become macro (if it hasn't already).

Wearable Art

fashion micro-trends: screen-printed tops



Whether inspired by cut-and-paste collages like Paloma Wool's pieces or by impressionist landscape paintings à la Jacquemus, wearing this beautiful micro-trend is a bit like walking through your favorite museum or gallery.

Tie-Front Cardigans

fashion micro-trends: tie-front cardigans



I'm not sure about you, but my obsession with cardigans hasn't wavered one bit, which is why I'm excited to highlight the emerging tie-front trend that's putting a sweet new twist on the classic knit. 

Drawstring Halternecks

I've said so before, but it doesn't hurt to say it again: Halternecks are back. I'm seeing halter dresses and tops galore flood the new arrivals sections at my favorite retailers, but it's these versions with a sort of drawstring neckline that feel the freshest.