The Experts Have Spoken: These 4 New Brands Are Worth Your Time (and Money)

If you try hard enough, you can discover a new brand every day thanks to Instagram and the world wide web, but deciphering which is actually worth investing in takes a professionally trained eye. We love reporting on the newest up-and-comers on the block, but for this story, we wanted to get an expert's opinion on the fresher brands that are officially worth your time and money. Celenie Laura Fleur Seidel, senior womenswear editor at Farfetch, selected four brands that are exactly that—Asai, Studio Amelia, Cecilie Bahnsen, and Wandler. 

You're probably familiar with brands like Cecilie Bahnsen and Wandler, but don't forget that it wasn't too long ago that they too were newbies (they just happened to gain steam a bit faster than some of their counterparts). The idea here is not necessarily to introduce you to never-heard-of-before brands; it's to inform you that the four clothing brands ahead are becoming more established by the second, meaning yes, they are worth all your time and all your money. 

After reading Celenie's reviews of each, you'll be ready to add all of the following products to your cart ASAP, so go on and get shopping. 


"London-based Asai first appeared on the London Fashion Week schedule in 2017 as a part of the Fashion East incubator. With a strong focus on textiles, particularly fabric manipulation, Asai’s collections are super textured and visually rich. He’s best known for his standout paneled tie-dye tops, which are much sought-after and will hopefully appear as a continuity style in collections to come."

Studio Amelia

"Created between London and Sydney, Studio Amelia’s barely there sandals have fast become my new favorites. Finding footwear with a design that can stand alone yet can simultaneously avoid competing with an outfit is a rare find, and Emily Inglis (Studio Amelia’s founder and creative director) nails the brief. I can personally vouch for their comfort levels: the insole is delightfully padded!" 

Cecilie Bahnsen

"The world is still experiencing a love affair with Danish designers, and Copenhagen-based Cecilie Bahnsen is one well worth acquainting yourself with. Truly romantic in aesthetic, Bahnsen’s dresses tap a delicate sweet spot between minimal and feminine and are easily fallen in love with. Her collaboration with Suicoke to create delicately decorated hiking-mom sandals are one for the wish list, keep an eye out for them!"  


"Wandler is truly for fashion girls: Amsterdam-based designer Elza Wandler is incredibly in tune with what customers want, and her sense of fun extends the idea of having fun with your wardrobe to your accessories. She has recently introduced a footwear line to her brand [she started out with bags], and I’m especially in love with her two-tone mules—also key for this season are the tie-dye and zebra bags."