17 Neutral Outfits That Definitely Aren't Boring

Like anyone, we love a good pop of color every now and then, but—hear us out—all-neutral outfits are seriously chic. We also can't deny how simple they make getting dressed. Sticking to a spectrum of cream, brown, and beige means you can mix and match with abandon because all these shades go together seamlessly.

Still worried that working in the absence of vibrant hues will make your minimalist outfits a little lackluster? Trust us when we say neutral-toned dressing is anything but boring. It just takes a jolt of inspiration to get the outfits right. Think about layering textures when testing out monochrome dressing, and you'll stand out but in a subtle way. To prove our point, we rounded up some of our favorite looks from trendsetters who've tackled neutrals successfully time and time again.