30 Net-a-Porter, Nordstrom, and Madewell Finds I'm Considering Ordering This May

One of the facts of life is that May is a great month to get some shopping done. The weather is changing, invitations to weddings and other social events might be piling up, and summer trips are getting booked. Not only that, but retailers are still getting new arrivals for spring and early summer on a very regular basis, and many things aren't yet sold out. 

All that said, it can be a little overwhelming to decide exactly what to buy and from where, so I narrowed it down to three retailers with tons of great things for all of your upcoming summer plans: Net-a-Porter, Nordstrom, and Madewell. Dresses, jeans, accessories, tops, and more abound, so get excited. I even edited my selection down even further to 10 items from each retailer that I'd personally love to order this May.

Scroll to shop my picks, and I hope that you have a lovely month of May.


I'm convinced that this is the perfect dress.

You'll wear these so much more than you even think you will.

My advice is to get yourself an orange swimsuit before all the good ones sell out.

Speaking of orange, the number one shirt on my wish list is this.

I told myself I don't need anymore vests, but then I saw this one.

I'm thrilled that this bag comes in so many different color options now.


I guess there's no reason to spend more than $79 on a blazer now.

A grass-friendly pair of shoes to wear to weddings and whatnot.

I'd recommend going up a size for a cool oversize look.

If you've been considering a pair of low-rise trousers, this is your chance.

I just got these, and they're the most comfortable sneakers on the planet.

For your consideration: non-intimidating cargo pants.

I have a feeling this is going to be a Nordstrom best seller.

I'm pretty sure these will be sold out sooner rather than later.


I already own these in olive, and I love them so much that I think I'm going to need this color too.

This is clearly the perfect dress to wear with sneakers.

I want this whole set, especially the sweater-shorts.

If this was in my closet, I'm sure I'd wear it constantly.

This would be so cute to wear in your hair.

This is a steal compared to a lot of raffia bags I've seen on the market as of late.