A 25-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Shares the Skincare Products She'll Never Use


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When I was diagnosed with lymphoma at age 21, I took it upon myself to do as much research into my lifestyle as possible and inform myself on all the ways I can control my best health outcome. Amid all of this furious googling, I discovered that what we put on our bodies is just as significant as what we put in them. Our skin is actually our largest and most absorbent organ. That’s why I’ve made the conscious decision to do away with many of the products I once used and opt for only nontoxic skincare. I'm happy to say I've been cancer-free now for three years, and I'd like to think my nontoxic routine has helped me stay that way. Here, I’d love to share some of the potentially harmful skincare products I've chucked, as well as the clean alternatives I've come to love.


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Products I'll Never Use Again

When it comes to the products I explicitly don't use, there are specific ingredients I make sure to avoid. I make little to no exceptions for parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, lead, synthetic fragrance, and aluminum. These ingredients are found in many mainstream skincare and body products, including non-natural deodorant and several of the cleansers and perfumes I was using before my diagnosis. The risks of these ingredients can be as mild as acne or as serious as disruption of estrogen levels, which can lead to cancer. It’s so important to constantly read the labels on your products and make sure that you are treating the largest organ in your body with care and consciousness.


(Image credit: @radiantracheli)

Products I Use Instead