I'm a 30-Something Fashion Editor in NYC—Here's Everything in My Beauty Cabinet

The Lineup is a monthly series where we're giving you an inside peek at the beauty lineups of cool fashion people, editors, makeup artists, hairstylists, and estheticians—all the people we trust the most. Get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at all the can't-live-without products that make their worlds go round.

Listen, I'm no beauty editor. I'm also (clearly) not a hairstylist, a dermatologist, or a TikTok "skinfluencer". That said, nearly 20 years in fashion as a model and then as an editor has definitely introduced lucky, little me to the best products and people in the beauty industry. And you can bet your liquid bronzer that when I'm on set (or otherwise in the presence of beauty-industry greatness) I'm taking down every product recommendation I can get.

On a good day, I'd like to think my beauty look is low-key, fresh, and a little polished. Do I love products? Oh, heck yes. My Sephora rewards tier doesn't lie. But to be honest, I don't love the feeling of wearing a lot of makeup, and I'm not trying to spend too much time doing my hair. For me, it's all about the beauty hacks. Tinting is a game changer. Bold brows and lashes definitely make me feel my coolest and most confident, but let's do them without risking transfer and smudges, you know?

That attitude kind of sums up my approach to beauty. I'm always on the hunt for products that will help me nourish and care for my skin, so I don't feel like I need to cover it in makeup to achieve a little glow. I'm much more interested in splurging on products that improve the health of my hair, so I don't fall into that vicious cycle of causing more damage with constant heat styling. Stuck at home with nowhere to be this past year or so, I did a big reset (and a massive clearing out of half-used products), and with the help of my in-the-know industry friends, I've finally established my ultimate beauty lineup. So here it is: every single product I'm currently using. All items are rated a solid 10/10, which means I'm buying them again (and again, and again).


If your priorities are to strengthen your hair and prevent breakage, friend, your journey starts here.

Jaye Edwards is worth a follow. He's a master colorist and hair educator and the founder of Australian hair salon Edwards & Co., and I was lucky enough to have him do my hair a handful of times back in Sydney. He posts endlessly patient and extremely helpful AMAs on Instagram, which is how I discovered loads of my fave hair products including this glorious, softening finishing serum.

Edwards is a big fan of Virtue products, and this is always his recommendation for anyone waging a war against split ends. His pro-tip is to mix in a few drops with Redken Extreme Length

I only wash my hair two (at most three) times a week, and I use this bad boy instead of conditioner. My hair is way more hydrated and infinately more chill. 

Okay, quick disclaimer: I don't actually own a Dyson Corrale yet. But I did borrow my friend's a few times after hearing good things about how versatile it is, and I'm extremely sold. It's designed to minimize heat damage, which is music to my ears because you know I'm always trying to grow my damn hair. Definitely planning to purchase.

I'll admit that a recent onslaught of Instagram coverage drove me to impulse-purchase this collab, but honestly, I have zero regrets. It obviously smells incredible.

Richard Kavanagh is another hair legend, both in the industry and as a person. He taught me how cool it is to be confident enough to not overdo what you do. (I remember one shoot where a model already had the perfectly tousled bed hair we wanted. Instead of spending an hour flexing by wetting it, blow-drying it, curling it, then brushing out the curls to get the same look, he simply declared her hair perfect. I thought that was really cool.) He used to practice fashion-week hair looks on me before the shows, and when I bleached my hair platinum blonde, he told me to immediately start using Redken Anti-Snap and a Mason Pearson brush. I bought the mini version because it was cheaper, but now I love that it fits in my handbag.


My not-so-secret MVP that you can finally buy in the U.S. now that Emma Lewisham has just launched on Net-a-Porter! If you're a fan of Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream, then you'll love this. For my skincare nerds, Emma Lewisham's is super buzzy at the moment after this particular product casually out-performed La Mer in an independent study that tested the stimulation of collagen production. My favorite thing is that you can buy refills for almost Lewisham's entire range, from her cleanser to her face oil to her cult fave illuminating day cream. They're all good, but the Supernatural 72-Hour Hydration Face Crème is my number one.

Lesse is the epitome of chill, low-key, organic skincare, and the maker of my favorite cleanser of all time. The brand only has a handful of products (four, to be exact), and I like that. The founder, Neada Deters, is originally from Australia (and is friends with a lot of people I know). I went to her very minimal, expertly curated home for an extremely cute brunch last time I was in L.A., and I immediately understood her vibe. I'm trying to live by the mantra, "fewer, better things," and this cleanser is that in a nutshell.

Dermatologists are always recommending this sunscreen. It's super light, super protective, and leaves no white residue. I've been using it year-round forever.

I'm a bit obsessed with makeup artist Gloria Noto and her line of products. I met her on set once and watched her use her own products to create the most beautiful, minimal, dewy looks. Noto not only makes good, quality products, but she's also created this extremely inclusive and accepting space that celebrates identities that have been underrepresented in the clean-beauty industry. As soon as I get out of the shower, I smother my face and neck in this luxe oil before bed. It smells and feels calming and sexy all at once.

The mango Balm Dotcom is just so happy and summery. It always puts me in a good mood.

I was sold on SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic® thanks to this story by Kat Collings, in which she adopted the skincare regimen of our friend and colleague, Shayna Kossove. It was the most expensive skincare product I'd ever purchased, but excited voices assured me that it would out-perform the dupes. Unfortunately for my bank account, they were right.

This broke the SkinCeuticals record for the most expensive beauty product I've ever purchased. I justified the splurge earlier this year when I finally emerged from six months of living at my fiance's parents' house. I was fully vaccinated, heading to L.A. to see friends for the first time in a year, and very excited for a haircut and a facial. I went to see the good people at Dr. Barbara Sturm in West Hollywood after a recommendation from Cara Santana (who always knows where to go), and the treatment was so good (and, honestly, I think I was just so excited to be there) that I impulse-purchased this serum before I knew what was happening. Our beauty director, Caitie Schlisserman, basically gave me a standing ovation when I told her about my purchase. She's a big fan and never steers me wrong. It's definitely pricey, but it's super hard-working.

I love this little guy. He's so yellow, happy, and hydrating. I always travel with him.

I love that this Vitamin C comes as a powder that can be added to any product to give it an extra boost. I tap a sprinkle into my sunscreen.

I was gifted this serum as part of a Beauty Trials story we did recently, but I'll be continuing to buy it once I've used up my bottle. My favorite way to use it is to mix it in with my tinted moisturizer, but more on that below.


I really shouldn't be surprised that Rachel Zeilic, our VP of influencer marketing, influenced me to try this cream bronzer. Get the duo with the brush—it really makes a difference. The color is so natural and mellow that you almost feel like you aren't even wearing it. You could put it on without looking in a mirror, which is basically how I decide whether or not I like a product.

I feel like I was the last person to know about this one. It's super light, hydrating, and has SPF. It also provides just enough coverage to replace my under-eye concealer. 

I really love this little guy. A smear of any of these shades on my eyelids is as close as I get to wearing eye shadow. Good on cheeks, cupid's bows, browbones, all the usual spots.

This is what I bought when I ran out of the clear shade of the RMS quad (above). It's not glittery or sparkly. It's just dewy. Plus, Tower28 Beauty is another awesome, clean, woman-founded brand out of California.

There's a magical place called Mecca in Australia and New Zealand, and it's truly the best-curated beauty store I've ever come across. Zara Wong, who was once brave enough to agree to let 20-something me contribute to Vogue Australia, now heads up their content and is largely responsible for my continued obsession. This is Mecca's own brand of primer, and it's reached cult status. All my favorite makeup artists in Australia will use this under foundation, but I love it on its own, especially when I want to look extra glowy (not shiny).

I never wear lipstick, but I love it. Does that make sense? This ultra-hydrating lip balm from Gucci really hits the spot when I'm trying to tap into a mood that's a little more grown-up than my mango Balm Dotcom allows for. Sidenote: This is such a good gift.

This Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer provides as much coverage as I ever need. It's so nice, light, and sheer, but to be honest, I still tend to thin it out with my Lancôme serum. Sometimes I make a bit of a cocktail by also adding a tiny pump of glowy Mecca primer. I don't know why I'm like this. I'm sure I could just apply the serum, then the primer, then this tinted moisturizer. In fact, that's probably how it should be done, but here we are.


Like every other person working in fashion in New York City, I've loved Le Labo's Santal 33 forever. My friend Carmen Hamilton was the first person I knew who wore it, and (don't tell her this) it's one of the reasons I thought she was extremely cool when we first met. I can't get enough of woody, smokey, leathery scents, and when Lumira released a fragrance that smelled like my favorite Cuban Tobacco-scented candle, I couldn't believe my luck. This is all just to say that this is the perfume I now wear at night instead of Santal 33.

Maison Louis Marie's No.04 is my daytime scent. Its vibe is similar to that of Lumira's Cuban Tobacco and Santal 33, but it's a little softer. I mostly love that my friend Beck Wadworth wears it as well, and it always reminds me of the time she came to visit me in New York and bought it at the old Line Apartment in SoHo.

Speaking of things that smell incredible, this is another product I was initially gifted but have continued to buy. My dream is for Nécessaire to make a bar soap with this scent.

Back in the day, before everything became shoppable online, part of any trip to Paris was the responsibility to go to a French pharmacy and stock your friends up on Bioderma micellar water, La Roche Posay sunscreen, Homeoplasmine ointment, and Nuxe dry oil. This is my secret to ultra-soft skin. I'll keep using it forever.

I not-so-secretly love this natural deodorant that I accidentally discovered on Amazon. The orange neroli scent smells exactly like summer in Italy, and that alone basically got me through last year.