TBH, I Just Want to Live in a Nancy Meyers Movie—Outfits Included


Rex Features

I grew up watching all of Nancy Meyers’s movies. I can recite every single line from Father of the Bride (parts I and II) and have been in the theater on opening day to most of her films, including some of my favorites like The Parent Trap and Something’s Gotta Give. What many people talk about when it comes to Nancy Meyers’s movies are the homes—and for good reason. They are designed to perfection and can really induce a bought of home envy and a subsequent Pinterest deep-dive. They have meticulously stylish interiors—but are also comfortable and livable—and you can imagine yourself living in one someday.

But I happen to think that the fashion also deserves some attention. It’s often overlooked next to the impressive Napa properties, London flats, and Hamptons mansions—but hear me out. Meyers puts the characters in her films in clothes people really want to wear. Instead of trend-driven looks, the outfits tend to rely on basic closet staples but have a timelessness to them that makes the outfits from the 1990s equally as relevant as her more recent films. Similar to the homes in her films, the fashion is meticulously stylish but comfortable. Ahead see seven outfits that will make you want to live in a Nancy Meyers movie.