So Is This the Natural Evolution for Fashion Bloggers Now?


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We have fashion bloggers to thank for their constant inspiration when it comes to street style (even more so when it comes to fashion weeks). And as we've been intrigued in the past to find out what actually constitutes a "blogger" and what they do every day, we also want to know what's next. What does the future hold for fashion bloggers as naturally they grow a bigger audience and more knowledge of the industry? One of Australia's favourite It girls, Nadia Fairfax of The Fairfax Journal, shares some insight into this topic in a recent interview with Husskie as she revealed she wouldn't really call herself a blogger. "I think you have to upload to your blog almost every day and you have to be giving people advice on what they wear [to be a blogger] I never want to give anybody advice or tell them how to wear something," she says. Fairfax instead considers herself a "personality" rather than another specific label.  "I think it’s really nice to let people make their own choices. You can style the way you like and people appreciate that and that’s great."

So whether it's presenting on TV or being captured by street style on Instagram jumping between Sydney and New York, Fairfax rarely stays between the lines and expands herself into other fulfilling activities, such as acting and designing.

Whatever she calls herself we're still fangirling on Fairfax and keep scrolling to shop some of her favourites.

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Lara Burnell
Writer & Producer

Who's your style icon? 

Jenny Walton. She has a quirky, French, feminine style I adore. She mixes designer, vintage, high street really well and isn’t afraid of colour and print. My style board on Pinterest is full of street style images from her at fashion week events.

Who are your 5 favourite people to follow on Twitter/Instagram?

@unconditionalmagazine, @ilona_hamer, @thefatjewish, @glossier, @giorgiatordini

What's the fashion essential you can't live without?

My vintage red tartan jacket. It's timeless and bold. I love wearing it with a red matte lipstick. 

What's your desert island album?

Any '70s playlist will do!