I'm a Fashion Editor and Mom of 2 Who'd Be Thrilled to Receive These 33 Gifts



As a busy full-time fashion editor and mother of two, I'd love to spend less time doing laundry and working on the computer and more quality time with my kiddos for Mother's Day. Oh, a little more sleep and "me" time wouldn't hurt, either!

While I can't wish for miracles, I do know parenting is a wonderful but crazy mixed bag of emotions. It is, by far, one of the most magical, challenging, blissful, emotional, tender, exhausting, and joyous experiences of my whole life. And I won't lie: It sure is lovely to feel that little token of appreciation on Mother's Day. While I don't expect anything but plenty of hugs and kisses, I'd be thrilled to receive any of the gorgeous gifts below. From luxury bath salts to pretty purses, keep scrolling to see the things I'd unquestionably love to give and receive.

Every mom will love receiving this luxurious and vibrant fragrance, trust me.


Give the gift of trend-forward ballet flats.

All the best skincare products from Osea.

A luxury hand cream she'll love pulling out of her purse.

This is a wonderful set for new moms. I especially love the book. 

I always get compliments on my Gemini necklace.

Honestly, give me anything from Dôen, and I'll be happy. 

A chic basket bag makes for a great gift.

Cool and cozy slippers for the win.

A charming dress for the warmer days ahead.

Moms will appreciate a moment to enjoy this luxe face mask.

Everyday sunglasses that add a touch of cool to every outfit.

Staud's beaded bags are simply irresistible.

Encourage your mom to take an extra-long bath.

Anything that cuts my hair-drying time in half is a winner in my book.

Your mom will get all the compliments in this cute bucket hat.