My Mom Vouched That These Mother's Day Gifts Will Be a Hit

With Mother's Day right around the corner (May 13, people—mark your calendars), we're already putting some thought into crafting the perfect gift for her. Our moms have done so much for us, so when it comes to celebrating Mother's Day, it's all but impossible to land on a gift idea that encapsulates why we love her so much. This year, we're taking the guessing out of it and going straight to the source.

I had my own mother weigh in on the items I thought she'd love. At times too candid, she gave me her honest feedback on the gift ideas I was sure she'd fall in love with, like a classic pajama set ("I'd never wear that!") or a pair of slingback pumps ("Oh, you know I'm not a heels type of person"). My mom, like I'm sure many moms out there, has pretty specific tastes. We landed on some real winners, too. She likes very clean, polished basics (Everlane's were a hit), and as a yoga teacher, I knew she'd love anything related to the practice (Outdoor Voices nailed it with its colorful leggings).

I bonded with my mom while introducing some of my favorite brands to her. It was beyond helpful to hear her unfiltered thoughts, so I had to share her insights. The following gifts were ultimately a hit with my mom, so there's a high chance they'll be a hit with yours too.

"I love that the double locks symbolize connection. I would probably wear it every day and think of being connected to you."

"I like the thicker straps and the pretty bodice design. And I have to have a longer nightgown, so the length is perfect too. Honestly, this is just really pretty. It would make me feel so luxurious." A winner, indeed.

Available in sizes S to L.

She admitted to never having heard of Diptyque, which made me laugh a little because I consider it to be the holy grail of candle brands. But the candles spoke to her interior décor sensibilities: "I like that they're fresh- and clean-looking. These make me want to put music on and light them when friends come over for a dinner party or when I'm entertaining."

"I use body oil every time I shower for a hydrated glow, so I'd definitely use this! I love that this has an earthy rose smell to it, and the fact that it's vegan and organic is really important to me. I only put organic products on my body."

"I love cashmere. It's my mainstay, and I actually wear it year round. It's super soft, and this sweater has a nice clean look in the cream white."

Available in sizes XXS to XL.

"You know I love my Converse, I have three pairs, and I wear them almost every day. I like that this pair is rendered in white leather. It's sporty, but it's better than my canvas pairs because it seems a bit dressier and still goes with everything."

Available in UK sizes 3 to 9.

"I like that this has Maca powder, which gives you energy. It's a grounding property that I'm already using daily in my morning smoothies. I'd swap this out so I can have all these energy-enhancing supplements together."

"I love the big clear and round face and the fact that it's like a delicate bracelet and a watch all in one. It's a dressier piece. And the stainless steel."

"I love the colors in this scarf and how the brown edge gives it a grounded appeal. It's a nice whimsical piece that would just make me happy every time I wear it."

"I like that they hug the body and keep everything tight. I'd wear these to yoga instead of my plain black pair because they're so beautiful!"

Available in sizes XS to XL.

This convertible backpack/crossbody bag was a necessary hit for my mom who lives in New York and takes the train to work every day. "I'm always carrying a million bags with me wherever I go. Right now it averages to about three bags per day (!): One to carry my lunch, one with extra clothes in case I go to a yoga class or an event after work, and a smaller bag that's just my purse." We both decided this would make her life 100% easier.

"Love. I would actually wear this bath oil as a perfume or I'd use it in a bath on a spa night. So luxurious!"

It seems dainty earrings were love at first sight for my mom. "Oh, I love these! I like that it's a very elegant and understated design. I would wear them when I want to dress up to go out in something a bit nicer."

"I love the fact that they're simple and earthy and neutral-toned. They're definitely sandals I'd wear with skinny jeans."

Available in Italian sizes 35 to 42.

"This yoga mat is so cool that it's reversible because, as someone who practices frequently, I often get tired of the same texture. Sometimes you just want a different practice, and this one offers both depending on what type of class you go to. I would use the smooth side for Yin yoga and the rough side for Vinyasa yoga."

She hesitated when I showed her this face mist. "I don't put anything on my face as a general rule," but ultimately conceded that since it passed her all-natural beauty test, "wait, rose and coconut? This sounds like something I would actually use!"

"I want to wear this to the beach and every day in the summer. I love that it's a shoulder bag because some of the other woven bags I see don't have that shoulder strap, so this is perfect!"

"I love daisies—they're one of my favorites. The colors are so vibrant in this bouquet. I would feel so special getting these on Mother's Day."

"I like that these earrings represent the lotus flower (one of my favorites), and I like that it's sterling silver. It's a delicate yet hardy design, and really interesting."

"I love what that it says 'full eternal love.' So meaningful! And of course, I appreciate the Sanskrit text, which I learned when I studied to become a yoga teacher."

This skincare set she prefaced once again by letting me know how selective she is about her skincare. But after explaining to her that Tata Harper is one of the nicest all-natural skincare lines right now, she admitted that if it passes her test of all-natural and organic, she would be more than happy to use it.

Now you have a solid idea of which gifts are sure to win over your mom this Mother's Day.