What to Wear to Ace Your Mother's Day Brunch Look

Sorry, Mom, but we're not kids anymore. We don't coordinate looks with our siblings or let you pick out our ensembles, even on Mother's Day. But when May 13 arrives, expect us to arrive for brunch, flowers and/or card in hand, dressed in the best Mother's Day outfits we can come up with—cute, colorful, and playful, too. You're our biggest support, but we also know it takes a lot to impress you, so we're here to do just that.

Below, dear reader, find five spring outfits that are cool enough to wear whenever but will especially impress the parents when you roll up ready for French toast. Keeping in mind that some families keep things casual while others are all for a formal event, you'll find at least one option that fits your particular requirements. Check out the outfit ideas (along with our picks to shop them) below, and then all you'll need is a little gift to celebrate the number one mother in your life.

Sweater + Midi Skirt + Boots

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Pink feels like an appropriately springy choice, and paired with a printed skirt, it'll feel festive without going over the top.

Colorful Dress + Contrasting Accessories

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'Tis the season for major color. For a more formal get-together, consider contrasting a jewel-tone dress with heels and a bag in another color.

Dress + Jeans

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If jeans are a must for you, try giving them a bit of lift by styling them with a floaty dress on top.

Overalls + Sweater + Sneakers

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For a casual get-together, why not spring for something fun like overalls? While they're definitely laid-back, it's a relaxed event, right?

Colored Suit + Stripes

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If you really want to dress to impresswhy not embrace the season's bold suiting and wear one hue from head to toe?

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