I'm 30 and Found These 25 Beauty Products Make Me Look Younger


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I'm thirty years old. Man, that still feels strange to write. Okay, technically, I'm only three days in, but it's official. And even though I'd been mentally preparing for the day to come for some time, on the morning of, I woke up feeling, well, the exact same way I've felt every other year: far from being a "real" adult. (I'm not even sure what I was expecting, to be honest—the whole thing was kind of anti-climatic.) Don't get me wrong—there's nothing wrong with aging, and by no means is 30 "old."

So I did what anyone would do first thing on a milestone birthday: examine my face in a magnified mirror. I definitely have more sunspots, wrinkles, and lines than I did 10 years ago, but considering all the shit I put my body through prior to this (baking in the sun, no SPF, hot tools every day, etc.), I feel like I look (and feel) pretty damn good.

I've had three decades to realize there isn't one magic product out there to keep me (or anyone) looking young forever. Luckily, I've conducted a lot of trial and error over the years and have a deep obsession with skincare and makeup. So here we are. Keep scrolling for the 25 best beauty products to help keep you looking young.




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Group Executive Director, Branded Content and Beauty

Caitie Schlisserman is an L.A.-based executive director with over a decade of branded content and editorial experience. She joined Who What Wear in 2014 as the first branded content editor and has worked her way up to overseeing a team of talented branded content editors and the beauty department of the media revenue team. Before Who What Wear, Caitie helped launch FabFitFun's first subscription box and worked at a beauty startup where she assisted in successfully launching the editorial department.