I Dry-Brushed My Entire Body Every Day for a Month—Here's What Happened


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Name: Natalia Sztyk

What did you try?

Dry body brushing every day before taking a shower. You technically don't need to take a shower after, but knowing I was getting rid of dead skin, I thought it was best to do it before showering.

Why did you try it?

Dry body brushing is said to have many benefits, such as smoother skin, detoxifying the body, improving the appearance of cellulite, and increasing circulation. It's something I've always done once in a while but never consistently.


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How did you prepare?

Thankfully, I already owned a body brush and didn't have to go buy one, but they're easily accessible in many stores, including Amazon.

What happened during the whole process?

Before showering, I would use my brush in long and short circular motions toward my heart and only brush lightly on sensitive areas. I focused and put more pressure on the back of my thighs since dry brushing is said to help cellulite.

Any challenges?

Years ago, I had a body brush that had only bristles, and after having it for a couple of years, I decided to buy a brush with soft nodes to try out. I quickly learned that I do not like the nodes and that I much prefer a brush with natural bristles only. I think I would have enjoyed the 30-day experience more if I had a brush I liked better.

Any surprises?

There were some days that my skin was more sensitive than anticipated, and I would have to be a bit gentler with my strokes.


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How did you feel afterward? What kind of changes did you notice?

Softer skin is an obvious side effect since I was physically exfoliating my entire body daily. I'm not sure about it being detoxifying, but I'm going to believe it! It did help with cellulite, but I have to admit that mine was very minimal to begin with. I honestly don't think dry body brushing is a magical cellulite cure.

What did you like about it?

I enjoyed the feeling of infusing my ordinary routine with this moment of self-care. There were days when I made a whole ritual out of it by applying a face mask, slipping into my robe and slippers, enjoying a cup of warm lemon water, and even letting my bathroom fill up with steam before going in. I'd extend my post-brushing showers with a face scrub and some luxe lotion after I'd toweled off. I basically turned my home into a spa. 

What did you dislike?

I disliked that it was an extra step before showering. This might sound contradictory to what I said I liked most about it, but while some days I loved that I was treating myself, there were definitely also days when I just wanted to jump in the shower without spending the extra time to do my dry body brushing first.


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Would you try it again?

This is such an easy practice to incorporate, but I don't think it will become a daily habit. I read that even doing it three times a week is beneficial.

Any advice for anyone who's thinking about trying it?

I think the best thing about this is that it doesn't need to be a daily thing. Even if you do it a couple of times every week, there are still benefits. It's an easy way to stimulate your body without having to, say, go out for a run. It's not exactly the same, but hey! At least you're doing something.

Natalia's self-care staples:

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