The Most Stylish Bridesmaids Are Wearing These 4 Dress Trends

True story: all my friends are getting married. Lately, it's felt like every refresh of my Instagram feed offers up another perfectly styled wedding day or exciting engagement announcement—not to mention the seriously stunning jewellery that often accompanies these posts. And one thing I've noticed that the most stylish brides do well is that they dress their bridesmaids with a nod to the major fashion trends happening outside the wedding industry. Not only does it increase the chances of the bridal party getting extra wear out of our their outfits (always a win!), but it also gives a fresh, modern feel to the whole day. 

To find something cool to wear that's still appropriate for the occasion, you'll want to open up your search beyond traditional bridal boutiques for a look that's more on-trend—checking the evening or cocktail section of your favourite online stores is a better bet. Having just been a bridesmaid myself, I know that the struggle of dress hunting is real, so I've kindly got the ball rolling for you with a round-up of the most chic bridesmaid dress options for 2018. 

Brides, shop the edit below... or if you've been called up for bridesmaid duty, share this story to give the bride-to-be a nudge in the right direction.

Earth Tones

Minimal Slips

Same colour, different shades

One-Shoulder Gowns

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