6 of Zara's Most Popular Products Ever

If we asked you to name your favorite place to shop, there's a pretty good chance your answer would be Zara. The fast-fashion retailer manages to offer up must-have products season after season. But, every so often, a skirt or shoe comes along that isn't just an of-the-moment obsession but manages to stick around in the fashion psyche. 

To illustrate exactly what we mean, we rounded up six of the most popular pieces Zara has designed, with a little rundown as to why it had everyone buzzing. Chances are, one look at these pieces and you'll realize you had them on your shopping list too. Sadly, with the speed that fashion moves these days, these cool pieces are no longer available, so we rounded up a few of our current contenders for what might just become the next must-have

Read on for a look at six of Zara's most popular pieces! 


The Pinterest-Popular Floral Skirt
(Image credit: The Fancy Pants Report )

If you consider yourself an avid pinner, there's a good chance this floral wrap skirt made an appearance (or two, or 10) on your Pinterest feed. This image alone had racked up 27K repins back in July


The Origami Skort
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)

Way back in 2013, this practical and chic origami skort was a fashion-girl favorite.


(Image credit: Zara)

When a coat is popular enough to have its own Instagram account, it's worthy of the title cult classic.


Olivia Palermo's Relaxed Suiting
(Image credit: Mark Robert Milan/Getty Images)

Olivia Palermo has long been a fan of Zara, mixing it with her best designer pieces. This pajama suit caused a major buzz when Olivia wore it earlier this year.


These Standout Boots
(Image credit: Harper's Bazaar)

These buckled ankle boots were a blogger must-have when they hit Zara's website in 2013.


The Insta-Famous Top
(Image credit: Instagram/@manrepeller)

When Leandra Medine called this top out as "the best shirt Zara has made," it was destined to become a must-have among fashion It girls.

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