The Most Popular Zara Items of 2016

Oh, Zara… What's not to love? Season after season, this retailer manages to provide us with the on-trend items we want at the prices we need, and for that, we could not be more grateful. As an ode to our appreciation (and mild obsession) with the brand, we decided to look back on the past year and reflect on the most popular items Zara stocked in 2016. To help us gather the necessary data, we reached out to Edited—a team of self-described "data scientists, retail professionals, analysts, engineers, business people."

The group was able to narrow down the top 10 Zara items of 2016, and we have a feeling a few of them might surprise you. Edited identified this data using its Top Movers metric, which means the group saw the items come online and sell out at full price within a short span of time. "Some of these products were replenished, but not all of them. And that's part of Zara's magic and success—they're fast and move their product trends on swiftly, which keeps consumers hooked. But it also means often when it's gone, it's not coming back!" says Edited's Laura Kubica Grigerová.

Keep reading to discover the most popular Zara items of 2016.

Thanks to the elegant print, we can see why this bodysuit was a hit. 

Shop a similar top.

Wear this to the office and beyond. 

Swap your basic white tee for this bad boy. 

Surely, people lived in these sandals all summer long. 

Lounge around in something brighter.

Obsessed with Zara as much as Olivia Palermo? The fashion star wore this shirt from the high street throughout fashion week.

Opening Image: Collage Vintage