This It Bag Has Been Instagrammed Over 46,000 Times

From Danse Lante to Ratio et Motus, we love spotlighting up-and-coming bag brands that are taking off in the industry. But when it comes to producing It bag after It bag, perhaps no other label consistently succeeds quite like Chloé. The venerable French company has a knack for designing the most covetable accessories around, and naturally, the Nile Shoulder Bag is no exception.

Just how popular is it, exactly? In the product description, Net-a-Porter explains how it's gone viral on everyone's favorite social media platform. "Since it debuted in 2017, Chloé's Nile shoulder bag has been posted on Instagram over 46,000 times," the retailer stated. Impressive, right? Scroll down to see some of our favorite Instas featuring the bag and shop it for yourself.

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