Peacock Pose: The New Photogenic Trend Taking Over Instagram

Last summer we introduced you to a pose we dubbed Barbie feet, a photogenic craze embraced and posted by dozens of celebs, models, and Instagrammers. As someone who is critical of the way I look in photos and frequently says, “Ugh, let’s try another,” after almost every photo I take, I’ve learned the biggest factor in taking a good photo is, in fact, knowing how to pose. I’ve shared a few of my favorite tricks along this journey, like the pose I use in every photo and how to pose in a swimsuit. I’ve also tried Eva Chen’s go-to pose, the baby giraffe, a stance to try the next time you’re taking a full-length mirror selfie (see it here). 

Today, though, I’m slightly shifting gears and sharing the poses girls in Europe swear by. After all, the power of a foolproof pose is international—and truly life-changing. It’ll make someone who feels awkward in front of the camera look like a natural and save some precious minutes the next time you’re snapping photos for a friend or vice versa. Below, you’ll find a handful of new poses (one being the peacock pose—see slide 11) to add to your rotation courtesy of some of the most fashionable and photogenic women from all over Europe. Try these poses on your feed and show us by using the hashtag #WhoWhatWearing on Instagram.