These Affordable Mom Jeans Are as Flattering as Skinny Jeans

Mom jeans have come a long way since SNL famously parodied them in 2003. Gone are the elastic waists, pleats, and poor fit. The updated version of mom jeans is now a favorite style of the fashion crowd and celebrities alike thanks to the '90s resurgence in fashion. This denim-obsessed editor, for one, is definitely on board, and I just found the most flattering pair yet.

Earlier this year, I shared my affinity for Mott & Bow's ultra-flattering skinny jeans. Luckily for me and everyone else, the brand just released an all-new denim style: the aforementioned Mom Jeans. Each of the three washes that the $118 jeans (a steal in my book) are available in are made with "comfort denim," which means that they feature a large dosage of elasticity. Between the high comfort level, perfectly cropped length, the chic high rise, and the flattering tapered shape, they're good enough to buy in every color. I can say with confidence that they're just as slimming as skinny jeans, but even more forward. Ready to see for yourself?

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