The 15 Most Expensive Shoes Ever

It's no secret designer items come with hefty price tags. Handbags from Gucci and Louis Vuitton will cost you at least a paycheck, while pieces like a well-made faux-fur coat might require a bit more saving. As for the most expensive shoes? Some cost as much a new car. While most of us don't have that much cash to splash on a regular basis, it's still fun to admire them (and potentially begin saving up for them) from afar.

Some of the options we found in our search for the most expensive shoes ever? A Kendall Jenner–approved pair of Saint Laurents that ring in at $10,000. (They're covered in crystals, so it makes sense.) Stunning Tom Ford pumps covered in crystals—and featuring crystal-encrusted heels—as well as Gucci slides lined with lavish shearling. Ahead, see and shop 15 of the most expensive shoes, ranked for the most pricey to the least.

Shop the most expensive shoes

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