Stylish Women Have Brought One Thing to the Airport for Decades

In the It-item world we live in, it's quite refreshing to encounter pieces that are true investments—and by true investments, we mean Chanel flap bags, Gucci loafers, Goyard totes, Manolo Blahnik pumps, and those trusty Louis Vuitton duffle bags you always see celebs toting around at the airport. Speaking of which…

If we had a dollar for every stylish woman we saw carrying a Louis Vuitton duffle at the airport over the years, we'd have enough money to buy a Louis Vuitton duffle of our own. Not only is the "LV" the most classic logo there ever was or will be, but the bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes, all of which are incredibly durable, chic, and perfect for fans like Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham to stow under the seat. We'd even be so bold as to say that the bag can make economy a more luxurious experience. 

While Louis Vuitton duffle bags certainly aren't cheap, we must admit that the brand could get away with charging more for them. Despite the roomy size, most clock in under $2K. If you need some motivation to save up for one, just think of the cost per wear over the years. Plus, if you keep it in good shape, you could always sell it down the road and maybe even make a return on your investment, since they hold their value so well.

Read on to see some of the stylish women who have carried a Louis Vuitton duffle bag to the airport over the years, and shop our favorite new and vintage iterations.