The 11 Best Sandal Brands for Girls With Minimalist Style

Summer Sandals



I think I can safely say that sandals are the most iconic summer shoe, and they have been that way for millennia. I know that for a fact because I just typed "history of sandals" into Google and did some casual research. (There's a random search query I never thought I'd use…) Seriously, though, they've been around since antiquity, way back when our ancestors crafted them out of bark, papyrus, and other natural materials.

These days, sandals are as prevalent as ever, and they will be for years (probably thousands of years) to come because they're cool in every sense of the word. Not only do they keep our feet cool in warm weather, but they also look cool, which means they marry fashion with function.

While various summer sandal trends have come and gone, I think the most powerful sandals are also the simplest ones. If we take away any unnecessary frills, embellishments, and adornments, we let the timeless design of the sandal speak for itself. That's why I'm a self-professed sandal minimalist. Keep scrolling to see the 11 best sandal brands for minimalist girls. Whether they're heeled or flat, these sandals are the pinnacle of breezy summer style.

Loeffler Randall

Loeffler Randall has been one of my favorite footwear brands for years. As such, it's one of the first ones I turn to when summer rolls around. Whether you prefer a flat leather sandal or a heeled mule (or maybe both?), you're sure to find a pair to fit your minimalist aesthetic. 

& Other Stories

Sure, this is a brand that most everyone already knows and loves, but I feel like it deserves more credit for its sandal designs, so here it goes. From strappy-heeled sandals to sleek flats, & Other Stories is basically an online treasure trove of minimalist sandals. 


This is a brand that I only recently discovered, but I'm happy I did. It specializes in creating all-leather sandals in neutral shades. I personally love the simple nude slides. 


I've had my eye on a few Zara sandals for a while now. The brand's sandals are both minimalist and comparatively budget-friendly (which means I can luckily spring for more than one pair). 

Ancient Greek Sandals

Remember how I was talking about the long and storied history of sandals? This brand pays homage to that. Ancient Greek Sandals specializes in sandals alone. While it carries a lot of traditional designs made in traditional materials, I like the brand's new jelly sandals. They're a grown-up version of the jelly slides I used to wear when I was a kid. 


If you're looking for a sandal that's French girl–approved, purchase your pair from K.Jacques. The brand's sandals always look chic and effortless, no matter what height, color, or design you choose.


Soludos, although probably best known for its espadrille designs, is another classic sandal brand. You can shop a variety of flat or heeled designs. I like the ones with subtle braided details.

Cult Gaia

Cult Gaia makes structural sandals that look clean and futuristic (which makes them look like they're built for all the minimalist cool girls out there). I love all of Cult Gaia's sandals but especially the ones that feature geometric statement heels. Those ones feel extra modern.


Zimmermann's sandals are basically made for wearing on a tropical summer vacation. The strappy and summery designs will take you from the boardwalk to brunch and beyond.

Yuul Yie

If you like Cult Gaia's sandals, then you're sure to like Yuul Yie's as well. They feature similar design elements. Plus, they're particularly polished, which is why I think they'd be the perfect choice for wearing to work or to attend an elegant summertime wedding.

ATP Atelier

ATP Atelier is another sandal brand that combines a modern aesthetic with a minimalist one. I've been adding the brand's strappy, heeled sandals to my cart recently. Although, its leather crossover flats are also on my mind as we get closer and closer to summer. 

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