Now That You're Sold on Minimalist Fashion, Here's How to Wear It

Sometimes the words "minimal" and "boring" can get thrown around together. But in this editor’s opinion, they don’t have to be related. In fact, minimalist fashion can be just as cool and inspiring as more ornate looks.

The trick to making minimal outfits look elevated is following a few key rules. First, don’t be afraid of color. If you stick to streamlined silhouettes, bold solid colors like fuchsia and chartreuse can easily fit within a minimalist wardrobe. Next, fit is important. Something as simple as a white T-shirt can look surprisingly different depending on the cut. And lastly, choose just a few accessories. Adding one or two pieces—like simple toe-cap slingbacks or flat-top sunglasses—can add dimension to your outfit without feeling too overdone. Want to see how fashion girls are wearing minimal outfits?

Keep reading to see seven minimal outfit formulas fashion girls swear by and then shop pieces inspired by their looks.