7 Fashion Signs You're Undeniably a Millennial

Within every generation, there will be legions who like to think that they break outside of the supposed trends associated with their age group, but in general, these overarching themes occur for a reason: Moods and habits do purvey, and that could certainly be said for millennials and their fashion choices. While uniqueness is the theme that runs throughout, that in itself, presents a common thread. So if you were born anywhere between 1981 and 1997 (hands up!), it's likely that you can associate with, and fully understand, the below statements.

Keep reading to see which millennial fashion trends you've already tapped into—whether you realise it or not.

1. You value authenticity above everything else.


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Whether developing your own personal style, admiring that of others or being really invested in brands that feel true and tell a story, the idea of authenticity is of the utmost importance for millennials. Therefore, we find ourselves in a time where age-old industry boundaries are being broken—think of the rise of stylish activists and outspoken role-models, the noticeable increase in plus-size or gender-fluid models being cast for major ad campaigns and runway shows. This celebration of diversity is also being reflected in the conscious (and eco-conscious) outfit and shopping choices many of you are making. Bucking trends and "unfollowing" the pack is your modus operandi.

2. You do the majority of your shopping online.


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Although there is a burgeoning movement against social media and the digital sphere (much in part to fears over privacy vulnerabilities and data-mining), millennials are still voracious online shoppers. In the States, this generation has reportedly superseded the baby boomers in terms of spending power, and it's no wonder—there are so many ways to do it: from browsing Instagram like a cyber version of window shopping to downloading time-effective store or brand apps.

3. Anything personalised will probably lure you in.


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The desire for individuality has see the trend for personalistion and making every experience and purchase feel personal become the norm. High-street stores and designer brands alike have heavily invested in this personalisation concept, from Anya Hindmarch's Build a Bag initiative through to a proliferation of monogrammed tees you can buy on Etsy. Nothing says "this is me" quite like something that has your style DNA quite literally stamped on it.

4. And there's no denying the supernatural urge you have to wear, decorate and photograph anything millennial pink.


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Lest we forget! Millennial pink reaches far and wide, from fashion to advertising to design to food (and back again). There's been no escaping this pretty shade over the past few years, and while it may occasionally have to make way for another trending colour (right now orange is giving it a run for its money on Pinterest), its overall presence can still be felt. And it doesn't seem like we're getting bored of it. Type "pink" into Net-a-Porter, and you'll find over 300 results.

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5. You spend more time (and money) than you ever imagined on workout gear.


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Millennials are a highly active generation and see working out as an integral part of their "stimulation junkie" routines. But it's no good having the fitness ideas and no gear. Athletic fashion (and expensive athletic fashion at that) is booming, with gyms even tapping into this loyalty by producing their own in-house merchandise. So it's no great surprise that our obsession with leggings grows by the minute and that the streetwear trend for athleisure still doesn't show any signs of slowing down. This is the new casual.

6. You'd rather buy an affordable designer handbag than one with a whopping price tag.


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Millennials are wise when it comes to major fashion investments, often weighing up the pros and cons alongside market research before taking the plunge. As such they've fallen out of love with the "must-have" urge that designer It bags once initiated—not to mention that the ubiquity of a super-expensive key item may not feel unique enough to warrant their time anyway (see the first point). Instead, retailers have seen a phenomenal increase in the supply and demand of new and existing brands that create luxury products with lower price points. There's a sweet spot around the £300 to £350 mark, and these more affordable designer handbags continue to sell through.

7. Decluttering and minimalism bring you life.


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Have you and your friends KonMaried the hell out of your house? Even if you've thought about it, that's a side effect of being a millennial who wants nothing more than to declutter, in order to highlight what's truly important while saving some brain power and time along the way. It may not surprise you to know that one of our most popular stories is about how to create a capsule wardrobe. With all of the above in mind, you're probably feeling compelled to buy more pink, right? Us too. Shop our favourite candy-coloured pieces in the gallery below.

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