These Metallic Skirts Will Be the MVPs of Your Holiday Wardrobe



The holiday season is filled with tons of social obligations, and the last way we want to spend our time is harping on every detail of every outfit. We want to feel good, dress festively, and get out the door to celebrate. That means we need foolproof party pieces that require little styling effort to make the most impact. Enter: metallic skirts. Whether it's got a little or a lot of shine, a gleaming garment will instantly deliver on the holiday spirit, but not necessarily in an over-the-top way. In fact, a metallic skirt can stand alone as the pièce de résistance when worn with a simple crew-neck sweater or plain T-shirt. Those of the more-is-more camp can style it with their favorite printed silk blouse, colorful blazer, or piled-on accessories. The choice is ultimately yours, but the 15 shiny pieces below are the perfect place to start building a whole wardrobe of holiday-ready outfits.

Sure, it's great for a party, but we wouldn't mind swapping this in for our usual workplace pencil skirt.

A silky metallic number feel especially elegant.

Perfect for pairing with all your favorite winter booties.

This print can be worn well into spring too.

For the lady who prioritizes time on the dance floor.

The most subtle of shimmer is sometimes all you need.

And sometimes you opt for a much higher wattage.

If you feel like going more heavy-metal, this chainmail skirt is perfect.

This sequin number will looks stunning in photographs.

A pleated miniskirt is a classic no matter the season.

The choice of these plum-and-blue colors feels much more unexpected than red and green.

Pair with your favorite tights and boots.

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