My Husband Needs a Complete Wardrobe Refresh—9 Stylish Basics I'm Starting With

Despite being married to a fashion editor, my husband knows nothing about clothes. He wears the same slew of T-shirts on rotation, and if I buy him a few nice pieces, those will become his go-to dressed-up outfit for the next few months. Much to my excitement, he recently let me know that he's serious about getting a wardrobe refresh and wants to give his outfit game a little bit of upgrade. A lot of the men's fashion content online can be for those who are very much in tune with their sartorial side, but for those like my husband who are still taking baby steps, I decided to round up the basic stylish pieces I'm starting off with. 

If you are a guy who's looking for a simple guide for a casual yet elevated wardrobe or are someone who wants to help your partner out in their fashion journey, look no further than the list ahead. From lightly printed sweaters to matching loungewear sets, everything below will make for an easy and stylish wardrobe.

Simple Sneakers

Bold sneakers are fun, but starting off with a pair of simple sneakers that can go with a majority of outfits is important. Nike's and New Balance's offerings are a personal favorite, but I also love the retro touch a pair of Vans can bring to a look.

Elevated Jackets

Nope, this doesn't include the fleece jacket that it seems every man has in their closet. Whether it's a leather jacket or a simple denim number, it elevates solid items like a T-shirt and jeans.

Everyday Accessories

I firmly believe that men who don't accessorize are missing out. All it takes is a cozy hat or a sleek pair of sunglasses to take a simple look to another level.

A Quality Bag

Despite the fact that companies make men's pockets deep enough to fit absolutely everything (yes, I'm jealous), a quality bag for either everyday use or traveling is key. 

Non-Workout Joggers

I get it. Trousers are often not the most comfortable of pieces, but luckily, brands have released many versions of joggers that aren't the ones you'd wear to work out. I'm talking about khaki, linen, and cargo versions.

Subtle Prints

Although I wish every man would take the plunge in the print department, not everyone can pull a Harry Styles. Ease into prints with more subtle colorways and patterns. They're still interesting enough to make a statement but aren't too far-fetched.

Collared Shirts

This is an obvious one, but I love the incorporation of unique colors and textures in what would be an average collared shirt. Also, don't be afraid to work with different styles, like a mandarin version.

Staple Knitwear

Sweaters don't have to only come out for the holidays. Simple sweaters and cardigans can be incorporated into an everyday wardrobe, from a casual look with jeans to a button-down with fitted trousers.


When I showed my husband the pieces below, he immediately wanted them. I don't blame him. I've been living in matching sets this past year. They just always look good and are incredibly comfortable.