Meghann Fahy's Minimal Beauty Routine Is Built on These 6 Iconic Items


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If you're anything like us, you waited with bated breath to watch the finale of The White Lotus. You probably also couldn't stop talking about it with friends, colleagues, and even random acquaintances at the hair salon. While there are so many characters to discuss, one of our favorite ones was Daphne, the breezy hotel guest who always looks effortlessly put-together under the Sicilian sun. 

Meghann Fahy, who plays Daphne, seems similar to her character, in that she has a friendly, approachable way about her and a rather effortless approach to beauty. We caught up with the actress to talk about all things skincare and makeup, including how she prevents allergies from wreaking havoc on her routine, the ins and outs of her decidedly minimal makeup bag, and the beauty tools and devices she swears by. Ahead, learn everything there is to know about Fahy's personal beauty routine. We think it would make Daphne proud. 


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Fahy has partnered with Astepro, a brand that's known for its antihistamine medication that relieves allergy symptoms like congestion, sneezing, and runny nose. She says it's "essential" in her day-to-day life to keep symptoms at bay. So in a way, it's kind of like the first step in her daily beauty routine.

"I've suffered from seasonal allergies for my entire life in a debilitating and miserable way," Fahy says. "Between shooting and my love for the outdoors, Astepro has become a crucial part of my routine because it starts working in 30 minutes and is steroid-free. It's super convenient to throw in my purse and bring with me on set, so I can be as active as I want without constantly suffering from congestion, sneezing, etc."

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As fellow allergy sufferers, we wanted to know if she had any tips and tricks for relieving redness and puffiness. As it turns out, she does. It's a TikTok-backed tool that we use in our personal beauty routines on days when we're feeling like our skin is puffier or more inflamed than normal. "I'm a big fan of ice face rollers," she says. "It feels great and always helps with puffiness and redness!" 


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As for the other skincare products she swears by, Fahy relies on a couple of effective basics to keep her skin protected, glowing, and clear. Like we said, she's a beauty minimalist at heart. 

The first is Paula's Choice Essential Glow Moisturizer ($12), which is a two-in-one sunscreen and moisturizer. It offers SPF 30 along with niacinamide, resveratrol, and vitamins C and E. Together, these ingredients defend the skin against environmental aggressors and the damaging free radicals they create.

At night, she uses Origins' Super Spot Remover ($20) to treat any blemishes that might pop up. Its hero ingredient is saw palmetto, which helps control oil production, reduce shine, and prevent breakouts. 

The fourth and final essential product in Fahy's routine is an LED light mask. She says she's a big fan of red-light therapy, and we are too. After all, it's been shown to reduce inflammation and stimulate the skin to produce collagen. Over time, this can reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming. 

We like Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare's DRX Spectralite Faceware Pro ($455). It has three light options: red light, blue light (which can help treat and prevent breakouts), and a combination of the two. The idea is that you can customize your treatment based on your skin concerns. 


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When it comes to makeup, Fahy is just as minimal as she is with her skincare routine. "I think I'm more of a minimalist, even though I buy like I'm a maximalist," she says. "My go-to routine is a tinted moisturizer and mascara. I love mascara." 

Her go-to product to defend against allergy-related redness is an iconic one that, if we might add, works just as well to disguise dark circles and blemishes. "I always have my YSL All Hours Concealer in my bag in case I need to cover up any redness around my nose and, of course, purse-sized packets of tissues!" she says.

Lastly, we had to know what makeup products were used to create Daphne's signature summery look on The White Lotus. According to Fahy, the vibe was "look put-together without looking like you tried," which fits our idea of Daphne being somewhat effortless.

"We kept Daphne pretty glowy and natural," Fahy says. "The Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation was a staple as well as cream eye shadows." This foundation, though expensive, is an iconic product. Makeup artists and editors love it thanks to its creamy formula, natural-looking finish, and buildable coverage.

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