Easy Maternity Halloween Costumes to Try This Year

Maternity Halloween Costumes



Picking a costume come October 31 is already hard enough, but add a growing baby bump into the mix, combined with a super-limited selection of maternity Halloween costumes available online, and we wholeheartedly understand why someone expecting a baby may choose to opt out of the holiday entirely. Our best advice? It's all about getting creative with your getup (that means it's time to put those DIY skills to work), dear parents-to-be, because there are so many adorable, clever ways you can (and should) incorporate your bump into your look this year.

There are, of course, a handful classic pregnancy costumes that you simply can't go wrong with—we're talking about Juno MacGuff—and then there are those getups that may not immediately come to your mind. Once you see them, though, you won't be able to forget them, because they are simply too cute to stop thinking about.

For example, how's this for a maternity costume? Dress up as a gumball machine, taping colorful pom-poms onto your bump. Or how about going as an egg—a pretty eggcellent (and easy) look that only requires a yellow T-shirt, a simple white tee, and some scissors. Ready to see some more pregnant Halloween costume ideas that incorporate your bump? Then read on for the best, cutest, and funniest ensembles to wear on October 31.

Skeleton Mom

Pair this with black pants.

Available in sizes S to XL.

An easy one-and-done costume that shows off your baby bump.

Available in one size.

Magic 8-Ball

Serve up a cute Halloween costume (and some insightful advice) with this "Magic 8-Ball" tee.

Available in sizes S to 3XL.

Gumball Machine

Keep it simple with a white tee that can easily be decorated with pom-poms—i.e., the gumballs.

Available in sizes 4 to 14.

The red skirt acts as the base of the gumball machine.

Available in sizes 4 to 12.

Tape these pom-poms onto your white tee.


Keep the costume simple yet cute by rocking this pumpkin tee and pairing it with black pants. 

Available in sizes XS to 4XL.


A striped tee is a must-have to pull off Juno's look.

Available in sizes 4 to 14.

Style a camo jacket over the striped tee.

Available in sizes 14W to 24W.

Ground the look with a pair of plaid sneakers. 

Available in sizes 11.5 to 13.

Bun in the Oven

How cute is this tee?

Available in sizes S to XL.

An Egg

Wear this as the base of your egg costume. 

Available in sizes 4 to 14.

Cut a hole around the belly area to show off the bright yellow shirt underneath—i.e., the yolk.

Available in sizes 2 to 16.

Go with crisp white pants on bottom.

Available in sizes 4 to 14.


Put stripes of yellow duct tape around the black dress for the final bee effect.

Available in sizes 2 to 16.

Don't forget the bumblebee antennas.

Ground your bee-utiful look with a pair of poppy yellow pumps.

Available in sizes 5 to 11.


Channel your inner princess in this stunning tulle gown. Don't forget a tiara.

Available in sizes 4 to 12.


An easy Halloween costumes that's oh so cute.

Available in sizes S to XL.

Pregnant "Mummy"

Start with a basic white T-shirt.

Available in sizes XS to L.

Pair the white tee with comfy pants, and then wrap yourself up in white cotton gauze for the final "mummy" effect.

Available in one size.

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