Easy, Last-Minute Fashionable Costumes That Will Win Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching, but just because you're allergic to planning ahead doesn't mean you can't still come up with the best costume at the 11th hour. Taking a note from some of the most stylish women on the silver screen and in real life, we've put together a lineup of easy, last-minute fashionable costumes that are sure to win Halloween—and the approval of all your fashion-minded friends. Raid your own closet for stylish pieces you already own (or add a statement piece to your shopping cart that you won't regret) and combine them in such a way that they channel these style stars. Whether your vibe is late '60s, early '80s, or pure '90s, you can whip together a striking ensemble with fashion items you already own. If you have eight minutes to sift through your wardrobe, you can create any of the eight looks below for a fashionable Halloween costume that won't make it look like you procrastinated.

Head below for eight easy, last-minute fashionable costumes that will win Halloween—plus the key pieces to bring them to life.


Bonnie Parker From Bonnie and Clyde (1967)
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This Halloween, suit up as the stylish star of this classic '60s crime film. Playing waitress-turned-criminal Bonnie Parker, Faye Dunaway made breaking the law look impossibly chic.

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Serena Williams
(Image credit: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Image)

Seeking comfort and class this Halloween? Look no further than champion and Queen Serena Williams, in one of her iconic fashion looks. She's serving up aces and style in this outfit, and so will you in her costume. 

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Mia Wallace From Pulp Fiction (1994)
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Finish off this two-piece ensemble—a white button-down and cropped black slacks—with a black bob wig and a swipe of red lipstick and you're good to go as Uma Thurman's famous run as Mia Wallace in this cult classic.

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Margot Tenenbaum From The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)
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Apply some charcoal eyeliner and pin back your hair with a barrette. Then cozy up in some vintage fur and you're unmistakably Margot Tenenbaum.

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Scary Spice
(Image credit: Mick Hutson/Redferns)

One of my favorite of the Spice Girls (and that's a tough choice), Scary Spice means you can dress up in your beloved cat costume with a slight upgrade. Yes, you can easily nail this stylish costume with some '90s-inspired leopard-print pieces that I bet you'll find yourself wearing post-Halloween, too.

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Cher Horowitz From Clueless (1995)
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Why not dress up as everyone's favorite fashion girl this Halloween? Pair a plaid skirt with a blazer or coordinating sweater, add a few handfuls of shopping bags, and call yourself Cher Horowitz.

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Wednesday Addams From The Addams Family (1991)
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Take one scroll through Alexa Chung's coolest looks and it's clear the Peter Pan collar is an It-girl staple. Find a collared dress in white and black to channel your inner Wednesday Addams for some classic Halloween fun.

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Alex Owens From Flashdance (1983)
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

This film has become the epitome of '80s style. Whether you prefer to go with or without leg warmers, everyone will know you're the star of Flashdance in an off-the-shoulder gray sweatshirt and big '80s hair.

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