Micro Minis and Mega Heels: Margot's Barbie Press Tour Looks Are Iconic

It's safe to say that all eyes are on the Barbie press tour. In the lead up to the Barbie Movie release, the cast is touring the world and painting it pink with some seriously good looks in tow. As fashion followers, we couldn't be more excited to see the original fashion doll come to life, and to sift through the sure-to-be-stellar looks curated by costume designer Jacqueline Durran for the film. But for now, we're getting a sneak preview of Barbie style excellence through Margot Robbie's press tour looks, and truly, she understood the assignment. 

Though many of us will have first entered the Barbie world in our youth, these looks are anything but child's play. With many of the film's fashions set to replicate the original doll outfits, the press tour offers an opportunity for Robbie to showcase the Barbie aesthetic through designer styles modelled off the doll's original wares. There's playful Moschino prints, iconic Prada and vintage Chanel, to name a few. Leading the Barbiecore trend, Robbie has taken the role in her stride, embodying the modern Barbie, who would be well aware of the mini-skirt trend and the return of gingham, and would celebrate a socks-and-loafers moment just like the rest of us. The press tour is offering up a wearable version of the Barbiecore aesthetic, in celebration of not only the film, but the iconic hue we all associate with it, too. 

The link to fashion has always been at the forefront in Barbie's fantasy world, as we changed her outfits for her roles, be it as president, a doctor or simply as herself. For many of us, it was our first opportunity to play with style, and Barbie showed us that we could do it all and take on any role, even wearing all pink. Personally, I think there's a lot of power in that. 

Now, let's explore Margot Robbie's Barbie press tour outfits, and if you're ready to dip your toe into Barbiecore, I've added some shopping ideas. 

Margot Robbie's Press Tour Looks


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Robbie's latest look broke the all-pink tradition as she opted for this black Schiaparelli Haute Couture dress that resembles Barbie's. Solo in the Spotlight outfit from the '60s.


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A disco-inspired look for a stop off in Mexico.


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So far, Robbie has used her outfits to demonstrate the many roles that Barbie has had over the years. Here she plays with an 80's workwear look with sharp shoulders retro phone embellished by luxury accessories designer Judith Leiber. 


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Through this striking Moschino ensemble Robbie nods to the 1960s Sparkling Pink Barbie with embellished outfit and pillbox hat. 


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As part of the 'Day to Night' Barbie, Robbie wears a sequinned top and a-line layered skirt in identifying pink hue.


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Proving just how wearable the Barbiecore trend can be, Margot Robbie arrived at the airport in a vintage Chanel tweed jacket, chic tailored trousers, and of course, matching luggage. 


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This outfit takes inspiration from a heritage Barbie look with the polka-dot dress and yellow bag, but with a modern twist, thanks to the halterneck cut-out design. 


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Is there anything more fantastical than matching your outfit to your car? We think not. It's made even better by the Bottega Veneta ensemble and Manolo heels. 


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Though pink remains a neutral for our plastic friend, it's not the only shade Robbie is rocking. This iconic Hervé Legér bandage dress nods to Barbie's first ever look—a zebra-print one-piece and white sunglasses.


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In the midst of the '90s revival, this Barbie is looking back to Versace's 1994 runway. We have particular appreciation for the pink socks and heeled loafers. 


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Trust Prada to come up with a whimsical gingham co-ord for the occasion. The soft hues are contrasted by the bolder shoe, as we know Barbie is definitely a shoe lover. 


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Once again, Robbie is channeling the fashion fantasy feel without restricting herself to just one colour. This time, she stepped out in a playful, printed Moschino dress and her now-staple oval sunglasses.


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So far, Robbie has ticked off daytime looks and evenings out, and now we've got the exact outfit Barbie would choose when Ken shouts, "Come on Barbie, let's go party!" It's one I personally intend to re-create.

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