Ready or Not—Your March Horoscope Is Here


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Can you believe it’s already March? And here we are, sun in mystical, magical, and the sometimes sleepy vibe of Pisces. Pisces marks an important time of the astrological year to astrologers because we consider this the end of the year: Aries (which will begin March 21) marks the spring equinox and hence a brand-new, energetic beginning.

So why is that important? Pisces is a powerful sign. It’s mutable (changing), water (feeling/intuition), and we can become very aware of our feelings, outdated attachments, old emotions that don’t serve. Pisces asks us to get in touch with our intuition and to make brand-new choices, from how we actually feel around something versus what we think we feel.

This month can be excellent for meditation, journaling, self-reflection, spending time in nature (especially near water), taking yourself to the spa, and making sure to get plenty of z’s. The rejuvenation this can offer for the spring equinox (aka, the New Year) will be immense if we also allow the Piscean side of life to balance us out. Read on to see what the cosmos has to say for your unique sign this month.

Time to balance work and health, Aries. This month make space for a new workout routine (it is almost your birthday, after all). You may feel especially inspired to take a little less onto your plate each day. Decide what is the most important thing to get done, rather than attempting to do everything. Make space for exercise, work/life balance, and healthy eating to get you ready to celebrate your birthday.

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Sociability and relationship balance come to the forefront for you this March. How do you feel in your relationships? Is there an even give and take? How much are you giving versus how much you expect to receive? Any amount of loving attention you can give to this part of your life will yield beautiful results. Not sure? Meditate on it.

Take a moment for the deeper parts of yourself this month, Gemini. Meditation, self-inquiry, and releasing disempowering habits come to the forefront for you. If you’ve been wanting to quit smoking and release a toxic relationship, you’ll feel especially empowered to do so this month. Self-care is a must. 

Have travel plans? Buy the ticket or start to plan your summer adventure. Not in the mood to travel? Take a mind journey: Take the class, start the teacher training, commit to knowing a little more than you did when this month began, and life will get really expansive and exciting for you. 

Career focus and being in the spotlight are highlighted for you this month, Leo. What are you goals and where are you heading? What excites you most about your work this month? A huge guiding force for you right now is following your heart on what you actually want to be doing. Cultivate some kind of balance for passionate hobbies if your work load is too full.

Write down goals, visions, and ideas based on where you’d like your life to go. You are already prone to being of service and helping out other people, but this month you may want to go the extra mile to assist others in some fashion. Even if it’s just picking up someone’s morning coffee or giving some cash to the homeless person you pass on the street. Everything is energy, and every bit helps. 

Meditate and slow down a bit this month, Libra. Any anxiety can be countered by the willingness to sit down and breathe for even just five minutes in the morning. You may feel more inspired by the mystical this month. Take a class on what fascinates you or get yourself a reading (tarot, astrological, or psychic) this month to get in tune with the deeper parts of yourself.

New vibes abound this month, Scorpio. How do you want to reinvent yourself? What new enterprises do you find exciting? There is a lot of expansive energy in your sign this year, and all you really need to do is show up and get to work. You are hopefully feeling inspired to take action, and the universe will continue to meet you halfway.

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A focus on money and finances this month will yield really powerful results. If there is something in your financial world that you don’t exactly understand, get a book or ask a trusted source. You can make major strides in your feeling of productivity and security this month with even just an ounce of focus on this part of your life. Wealth affirmations help too.

Get social and have a nice time this month, Capricorn. Follow up on phone calls, emails, and texts as you don’t know opportunities or people are waiting for a new connection. Sociability can open a lot of incredible new doors this month, so get out there and meet some new friends. 

Taking a little extra time in your home sector can feel really great this month, Aquarius. Upgrading your bed, redecorating or simply enjoying the vibe of being at home are all highlighted. If possible, work from home and take pride in your home. This will feel revitalizing for the busy times ahead. 

Happy birthday, Pisces! This is your month to celebrate, get romantic, and enjoy the lighter sides of life. Your solar return is like a rebirth period for you. Visualize the year ahead with optimism and good vibes. You’ll likely feel especially expansive this month, so share the loving energy with those around you. 

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