Mango's New Arrivals Are Beyond Good—11 I Tried On IRL and Immediately Fell For

Welcome to Let's Get a Room, a series where editor Eliza Huber heads to the dressing room to try on pieces from your favorite retailers, buzzy items, and new collections. Think of this column as a detailed guide to the pieces that are actually worth buying and the ones that, unfortunately, looked better online—no returns necessary.

I've been saying this for a while, but I'll say it again for those who still haven't quite let it sink in: Mango is *the* place to go for expensive-looking everything, from clothes to shoes and accessories. Whether you're restocking and upgrading your basics or looking to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe with a few fun, trendy pieces, the affordable Spanish retailer is a one-stop shop, especially when its new arrivals are as good as they are right now. 

After properly vetting Mango's newest additions online, I decided to use the latest piece in my series Let's Get a Room as an excuse to play dress-up at its brand-new Fifth Avenue flagship in NYC. I popped in quickly for the grand opening but didn't have time to do a thorough walk-through, making this the perfect opportunity to do the just-opened store justice. Two hours and what felt like 100 articles of clothing later, I narrowed down my favorites to just 11 items. Scroll down to see which of Mango's new arrivals hit the spot. 

I've been looking for something orange to add to my summer-to-fall transitional wardrobe for a while now, as the color is making a big splash at the moment. Unfortunately, nothing's really made a significant enough impression on me thus far. But when I spotted this fitted, ruched bodysuit in the shade at Mango, I immediately grabbed it, hoping it just might be that one orange piece I've been searching for. When I paired it with these slouchy yet tailored khaki trousers and black accessories, I was smitten. 

Maybe it's because I listened to that song "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" so often on VH1 as a teenager, but I've always been biased toward longer outerwear paired with bare legs, which is why I tried on this absolutely incredible car coat with denim shorts rather than trousers or a longer skirt. And since I am adamantly against the whole "no white after Labor Day" rule, I had to pick the white version of the shorts and pair them with a matching button-down shirt tucked in, even with the holiday coming up. 

Ask any of my co-workers and they'll tell you that I've sent this dress to them on probably too many occasions. I will rarely say no to an LBD because of how versatile they are, so I was immediately drawn to this chic, '90s-inspired one when I saw it online. But it was even better in person, I must say. I love the straps and the straight-across neckline—simple, elegant, and easy to wear. 

Ever since I noticed the corporate aesthetic on the fall/winter 2022 runways last February, I've been very into the idea of spicing up traditional officewear, whether that's with a miniskirt as opposed to a longer pencil-style one or a tie. So when I noticed this belted skort at Mango, I knew I wanted to test out the trend. To do so, I tucked in a blue pinstripe button-down shirt and styled my silver chain necklace underneath the collar. Sure, it's not the most office-appropriate look (though, I'd argue that skorts are more corporate than skirts), but it definitely gives off that impression. 

Once I'd tried on the orange bodysuit mentioned above, I was fully invested, so I went back and picked up this matching micro miniskirt to see if it had the same effect on me—it did. Rather than going full monochrome (no shame if that's your thing, but I've never been super into the trend), I paired the skirt with a simple white button-down shirt and black accessories. 

I already own a similar denim midi skirt in black from MatchesFashion's in-house line, Raey, and wear it constantly. I'm so into the look that I've been wanting another one in traditional blue for a bit, so when I saw this one at Mango, I knew I wanted to put it to the test. An hour later, I was walking out of the store with it. For an easy daytime outfit, I paired it with my boyfriend's gym shirt that I wore to the store and the car coat shown in a previous look. It's giving sort of an '80s-mom vibe, which I'm surprisingly into. 

If you follow me on TikTok, you probably already saw me in this dress. Immediately upon slipping it on, I was shocked to discover that it's basically a lower-priced, more evening-facing version of Skims' viral dress. I sized down one size so that it would be extra formfitting and was not disappointed by the result. It's simple, yes, but packs a lot of punch. 

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I own so many pairs of light-wash jeans that it's almost ridiculous. It's time for something different. 

This bag was even more expensive looking in person.

Satin slip skirts are as much wardrobe essentials as jeans and T-shirts. 

As weird as it sounds, I like carrying woven bags all year long. 

Not too short, not too long—this jean skirt is pretty much perfect. 

I just adore this color right now. 

If you haven't noticed, I'm very into long denim shorts lately. 

You can never have too many pairs of loafers.