The Perfect Gifts for the Girl Who Has Everything

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You know that girl in your life who seemingly has it all? She always wears the latest trend, eats at the newest restaurant (before you ever became aware of its existence), and keeps her immaculate, junk drawer–less apartment furnished with chic wares from her enviable travels. Maybe she's your best friend, maybe she's your mom, or maybe she's you—in any case, if you know the type we're talking about, you're quite aware how difficult shopping for her is.

Here's a list of things you should most definitely not gift her for the holidays:

■ A pine-scented candle

■ An animal-print sweater (she already owns three)

■ Anything homemade (especially knitted)

■ A mug with her first initial

Instead, she'll appreciate something special like a gorgeous pair of leather shoes or a fabulous handbag. Yes, she owns versions of these items already, but anyone who told you there's such a thing as too many shoes and bags (and belts and scarves, for that matter) is a nasty liar. And as far as luxe accessories go, nothing beats the pieces from Swiss brand Bally's holiday selection (and we do mean nothing). They're just about as chic as it gets, so don't be surprised when gifting her with any of these 12 items results in a huge hug and the biggest thank-you you've received in a while.

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