My Whole Team Dislikes Wedge Sandals Unless They're Exactly Like This

Not every style of shoe appeals to every single woman, and when I asked the Who What Wear team about wedges recently, the responses were impassioned to say the least: "Ew, the worst," "That's a broken ankle waiting to happen," and "I hate a high wedge" were just a few of the comments that came back to me. I had to admit I felt the same way. I was once a die-hard high-heel wedge fan, and I can still see their appeal (comfy despite the extra height they give you, and they're pretty classic when it comes to summer outfitting), but there's something about the really extra-stacked ones that feels a tad outmoded for now. They will return, like all shoe trends do, but for the time being, our office's general consensus is that wedges are at their greatest when they're of the low variety. Of course, you may feel really averse to our suggestion, and that's cool too. An important part of crafting personal style is knowing what you like and what you'd prefer to stick to, no matter the trend or period of time. 

Should you be willing to step into wedge territory for summer 2019 (alongside a couple of celebs like Sienna Miller and Margot Robbie, who join a growing fan club of influencers), these are the low-heeled versions we'd recommend and some outfits we think they go particularly well with. From floral sundresses worn with mini espadrille wedges to skinny jeans partnering up with low-heel wedge mules, these are just a few ways to embrace this trending shoe.

See how low-heel wedges are being worn:


Pastel Low-Heel Mules + Jeans + Tee
(Image credit: @lucywilliams02)

Style Notes: Lucy was one of the first women we noticed in these Staud wedges—they've gone on to be pretty popular and come in quite a few different colourways.


Floral Sundress + Low Espadrilles
(Image credit: @jeannedamas)

Style Notes: Jeanne takes a classic French combination (espadrilles + slinky dress) and makes it casual by choosing lower wedges.


Mini Dress + Mini Wedges
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Style Notes: The proportions are great for this Sienna Miller look—you can always rely on low heels to look good with a short skirt.


Maxi Skirt + Pretty Low-Heel Wedges
(Image credit: @blancamiro)

Style Notes: Blanca's bohemian look would work with many different types of sandals, but here these little pink wedges offer up something unexpected.


Swimsuit + Low Espadrilles
(Image credit: @fashionneth)

Style Notes: Live your best holiday life by looking glam in something other than flip-flops that's still walkable and comfy.


Turn-Ups + White Wedges + Summer Jacket
(Image credit: @monikh)

Style Notes: If you invest in one pair make it a white pair—Monikh has worn hers with everything.


Fancy Dress + Logo Wedge Mules
(Image credit: @elsahosk)

Style Notes: Elsa Hosk channels a kind of Stepford Wives vibe here with Chanel's hit of the summer—the PVC mules.


Tea Dress + Espadrilles
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Style Notes: The royal set love espadrilles, and Kate keeps hers on the right side of high with her favourite Penelope Chilvers style in nude.

Shop our favourite low-heel wedges:

Hannah Almassi
Editor in Chief

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