Would You Ever Buy a $55,000 Louis Vuitton Bag?

Around the time new creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere joined the team at Louis Vuitton, the Parisian fashion house was in turmoil over its iconic bags; there was much discussion about how mass-market the bags had grown, and the powers-that-be finally decided to up the luxe appeal of the bags by upping the price point.

Enter: The $54,500 crocodile skin bag that will hit shelves as part of Vuitton's F/W 14 collection. Ghesquiere really took the mission to make the bags more luxe to heart, as the bag is not for the faint of heart—not only is it composed entirely of crocodile, but the Lady PM Bag (as Purse Blog points out) is more than a foot wide at its widest point. That's a lot of croc.

Would you ever buy a bag like this? Sound off in the comments below!