6 Winter Outfits L.A. Girls Unanimously Agree On

L.A. does a lot of things differently than the rest of the country, but nothing is as distinctive as the way we dress for winter. It doesn't make sense to invest in sherpa-lined boots, insulated coats, or mittens because our weather rarely escalates past mildly chilly temperatures. That said, you do need to have some essential Los Angeles winter fashion trends on hand, including turtlenecks, sweatshirts, boots, jackets, and more. 

Who better to offer winter outfit advice than six impeccably dressed local Instagram girls? Gabi Gregg, for instance, showed off the perfect L.A. way to dress for a holiday party, while Fong Min Liao offered up the ideal winter coat combo. Scroll down to see how six locals dress for L.A. winters and shop similar pieces for sub-60-degree days on the horizon. 

Puffer Jacket + Turtleneck + Trousers

For those rare full-on winter days in L.A., take it from Jordan Risa: Nothing is more versatile than a cozy turtleneck, simple puffer jacket, and trousers.

Los Angeles Winter Fashion Trends



Oversize Blazer + Wide-Leg Jeans 

Angelenos can pretty much get away with blazers and sweaters all winter long, so it's worth copying Megan Schafer's pitch-perfect look the next time you want to wear jeans this season. 

Bright Pantsuit + Printed Blouse

While it's always great to have LBDs on hand, a bright pantsuit and colorful blouse is an exceptionally chic holiday party alternative, especially for L.A. girls like Gabi Gregg. 

Los Angeles Winter Fashion Trends



Gray Coat + All Black

A gray coat is an objectively smart investment because it goes with everything and is truly timeless. Emulate Fong Min Liao and pair it with all-black pieces, including turtleneck, jeans, and heels. 

Los Angeles Winter Fashion Trends



Plaid Jacket + Skinny Jeans + Lace-Up Boots

We hope that finding the perfect plaid jacket and comfortable lace-up boots will put a smile on your face as big as Whitney Madueke's. 

Cropped Jacket + White Tee + Flare Jeans

It might be tempting to wear skinny jeans and boots 24/7, but L.A. winter weather allows for more flexibility with your shoes—so why not wear pointy-toe heels with flare jeans? The combo is guaranteed to lengthen your legs à la Raeann Langas. 

Los Angeles Winter Fashion Trends