Penélope Cruz Wore the Denim Trend That's Rivaling Skinny Jeans to the Airport

Penélope Cruz airport sightings aren't all that common, so when one surfaces, our attention is had. At first glance, Cruz's travel outfit may seem to be a bit ordinary, but we immediately noticed that she's wearing the top denim trend of the fall/winter season: long (and often loose) jeans. You're probably thinking Well that's a subtle trend right about now, and you're not wrong, but after years of cropped skinny jeans being the end-all, be-all denim style, it's actually quite refreshing to see full-length jeans make a comeback, in a '90s supermodel kind of way.

Cruz paired her jeans with a tee and blazer and accessorized with platform combat boots and an oversize bag, both also on-trend. She also opted to cuff her jeans, which is certainly a cool look this season, especially if you just can't with the tailor. Keep scrolling to see her look and shop the denim trend of the season.

Penelope Cruz airport


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