These Tote Bags Are More Popular Than Ever

logo tote bag street style



It’s safe to say that we’ve reached peak logo mania in 2018, especially as retro trends are coming back in full force. The athleisure sportswear brands of the ’90s meet the designer signage of the early aughts, and it seems as though everything from hoodies to runway stilettos is actively inviting a more visible representation of those who created the pieces. While we’re coming out of a long period of minimalism, it’s fun to see more graphic styles emerge.

As we settle into summer, we’re all about the tote bag. Whether you’re traipsing around the concrete jungle you call home or headed to the sun and sand, you’re carrying around more than ever before in this gorgeous weather and you’re looking for a chic carryall that will do the job—and look chic at the same time. Be it canvas, leather, or suede, consider dipping your toe into the logo trend. From Louis Vuitton to Moschino and everything in between, these are the logo totes we’re shopping for now.

It’s time to show off your favorite brands this summer.

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